Top Treatments for a Dry, Irritated Scalp

Lorie Knickle May 07, 2021

Are you irritated by a dry, itchy scalp? You’re not alone! Many people experience uncomfortable scalp issues (including myself!) and have found relief in the new Nioxin Scalp Relief system.  

Irritated scalp relief Nioxin

Nioxin has long been a leader in thinning hair solutions and they're no stranger to scalp concerns. Their newest Scalp Relief system not only soothes irritated scalps, but also thickens hair and is clinically proven to strengthen the natural scalp barrier*.  Their studies found over ¾ of consumers who tried the system felt their scalp relieved and comforted**.  

Ready to give it a try? The Nioxin Scalp Relief System is a simple 3-step system that includes Scalp Relief Cleanser, Conditioner and Soothing Serum. Follow these 3 steps for a happy scalp: 

irritated scalp relief shampoo

Step 1: Cleanse with Nioxin Scalp Relief Cleanser and Rinse.  

Cleanses gently yet effectively while soothing the scalp after the first use.  

irritated scalp relief conditioner

Step 2: Condition with Nioxin Scalp Relief Conditioner and Rinse.  

Soothes the scalp and leaves the hair feeling nourished. 

irritated scalp relief serum

Step 3: Apply Nioxin Scalp Relief Soothing Serum to Clean, Damp Scalp.  

For best results, apply 10 pumps directly onto scalp and massage in with your fingertips. The Leave-on treatment soothes sensitive, dry and itchy scalp while helping to increase the thickness of each hair strand.  

Key Ingredients 

You’ll find no parabens or colorants in these pH balanced formulas. Let's take a look at the good stuff you’ll discover in the Scalp Relief formulas: 

Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera contains anti-inflammatory properties (to help soothe irritation) and is rich in vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, C, and E, which help cell turnover to promote healthy hair growth. 


Nioxin-exclusive Soothex™ is an important ingredient in Scalp Relief products. It helps to relieve sensitive skin while reducing stinging and irritation. Soothex™ features a unique formulation that relieves redness, itching, and inflammation. 


Glycerin is a beneficial ingredient that is great for all hair types. It helps keep the scalp deeply hydrated and protected from dryness and irritation. It also helps condition and strengthen your hair to prevent breakage and split ends. 


Niacinamide is a form of vitamin B3 that’s beneficial for all hair types. It helps build keratin (a protein in your hair) and increases the diameter of each strand to add thickness. It also helps protect the natural skin barrier that helps retain moisture. 

Stop by a Chatters Hair Salon near you to pick up your Nioxin Scalp Relief system, or click here to shop the products online.  


*when used regularly at least 4 times a week. 

**based on a consumer test, where subjects with scalp concerns were asked to evaluate the scalp relief kit performance. 


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