How to do Beach Waves 2 Ways

Lorie Knickle February 04, 2020

Salty air, humidity, surfer hair, tan lines... oh how I long for summer and the beach! During the long winter months, the thought of feeling sand between my toes and hearing waves crashing on the shore makes me quite excited. But what if, like me, you're nowhere near the beach? And summer is a long ways off? Oh the sadness. Babes, have no fear because here at Chatters, we're bringing the beach to you with a two fresh takes on effortless texturized hair...enter the beach wave! 

If you couldn't tell already, we're obsessed with textured hair! There are just so many ways to achieve surfer hair and we are here to show the lot - from sea salt spray to texture cream and tousle sprays! Short hair texture, beach waves medium hair, long hair texturized surfer curls, we will show you how to do beach waves!!

The Perfect Beach Wave with 
Cindy Duplantis

To create this 9 part beach wave, you're going to need: 
A curling iron, such as: Hot Tools Black Gold Spring Curling Iron
AG Hair Firewall
  1. Before you style with heat, make sure your protect your hair first! Spray
  2. AG Hair Firewall onto your hair in sections, ruffling your fingers or comb through your hair to get optimum coverage.
  3. Section hair into 9 sections - 2 vertically in the front surrounding your face. Then split the back horizontally, splitting the bottom section into 3, and the top into 4.
  4. Insert the barrel of your curling iron in the middle of a hair section and curl away from your face. Since the sections are quite large, hold the iron in place for a little longer than you would with smaller sections, lightly touching the rolled hair to feel if it has been heated through
  5. Spray your curls with AG Hair Firewall  to cool the curls and lock out humidity and frizz.
  6. Spray with a texture spray, like AG Hair Tousled Texture Spray, and lightly break up curls and tousle with your fingers.

    Flat Iron Beach Waves with
    Cindy Duplantis

    To create this specific beach hair, beach babe look, you're going to need:
    Kenneth Bernard VIBE
    Kenneth Bernard Protection Spray

    1. I know you're excited, but before using any heated tool, make sure you protect your precious locks with a heat protectant. We're loving the KB Thermal Protection Spray right now! Spray this onto your hair in sections, ruffling your fingers or comb through your hair to get optimum coverage.
    2. We find the easiest way to begin curling hair is to section off from the ears, like a half ponytail. Clip the upper section away and begin work on the lower section. Then take another section down from the clipped hair and keep moving up! 
    3. Now, erase your previous thoughts on a typical curl, because we're trying something new here!
    4. With your first section of hair, close the KB Vibe over it horizontally. Begin to 'curl' by slowly, moving the flat iron down and twisting clockwise. At half twist, stop, rotate back to starting level while slowly moving another inch down the hair shaft, then twist anticlockwise to create another kink in the opposite direction. Repeat these steps until the end of this section of hair.
    5. When finished, you will have kinks rolling forward and back.
      HOT TIP! You may find it easier to hold the section you're working on at the end while moving the flatiron through.
    6. Repeat this method over your whole head. Voilà!
    7. Now get a deck chair, put on a tropical playlist and pour yourself a piña colada! You're beach ready!

    Want the whole package, check out our Kenneth Bernard gift pack


    Texture Alternatives We're Loving!

    Want to enhance your Kenneth Bernard waves shown by our amazing stylist, Cindy? Or maybe you don't have time to recreate this look right now, but still want some beach waves and texturized hair. Never fear! These beach hair products go hand-in-hand to either compliment and add depth and texture to your beach waves, or when used solo or layered, give the texture we've been craving! 

    AG HAIR Tousled Texture
    how to do beach waves

    You can play around with any finished look by adding some extra texture with beach hair spray, such as: AG HAIR Tousled Texture, dry shampoo, Design Me Puff Me texture or by even running your fingers through your cooled curls hair to break up the waves.

    CATWALK Curls Rock Amplifier

    Another super hot product right now for you curl-blessed goddesses out there is CATWALK Curls Rock Amplifier. Not only does this product make you feel catwalk ready, it comes prepackaged with thermal and environmental protectants and smooths out the cuticle while giving more definition to those luscious curls of yours.

    GOLDWELL Stylesign Creative Dry Boost Dry Texture Spray
    surfer hair

    If you want something mid way between the effortless beach waves and your natural style, why not give GOLDWELL Stylesign Creative Dry Boost Dry Texture Spray a go! This golden product takes the guess work out of a light tousle. Simply spray onto dry hair, tousle your fingers through and you're good to go!

    AMERICAN CREW Fiber Grooming Foam
    American Crew

    Is your hair like a lions mane that is in need of definition and taming? Enter into the ring this grooming foam by AMERICAN CREW. Working best with medium to long hair, this foam adds depth to fine hair with a small amount on to damp hair. It will help you to achieve a fuller texturized look and holds all day! 

    REDKEN Brews Work Hard Molding Paste
    Redken Brews

    If you have shorter hair or want to get your man in on the texturizing action, then look no further than the never failing REDKEN Molding Paste. With its matte finish, this paste allows an all day hold while keeping hair flexible. Not only does a little go a long way, but this REDKEN has formulated this product to work on damp or dry hair!

    AG HAIR Sea Spray

    Sea salt spray

    You can also create a variation of this style using sea salt spray, like this one from AG HAIR. Not only does it smell like a summer cocktail, but also gives great texture. Simply spray into damp or dry mid and end sections of your hair, scrunching lightly as you go. Blessed with curly hair already but want to get in on the action, check out DevaCurl below. Did someone say diva? Yes, babes, it's time shine!

    Hot Styling Tip!

    It's a devastating fact that curls can drop and styles and fall flat after a couple of days. The solution is at your fingertips, my sweet!

    Take small sections and repeat Cindy's original process with your KB Vibe, adding a scattering of curls throughout your hair. This will revitalize your style in an instant!

    If you've used a seriously hot-right-now product mentioned above, you can either lightly wet your hand and scrunch up through your style or add a little dry shampoo to bring life back to your style! 

    Now, you beach goddess, you! Yes, you! Now that know how to do beach waves, get out there and make waves with that texturized hair of yours. 


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