Hairstyles With a Face Mask

Lorie Knickle October 01, 2020
As we all know, 2020 has been a little… different. Who would have thought we'd be looking at ways to incorporate face masks into our makeup and hairstyling routine? The global pandemic has affected us all in so many ways and as we move forward it is obvious that health and safety is more important than ever before. Unless you're able to remain isolated at home, it's likely that new safety measures will impact your day in some way. So what does that look like? A lot of sanitizing, social distancing and of course – the face mask. 

The face mask, in particular, has been challenging for many, especially for anyone who is going to school or working in an environment where wearing one is mandatory for long periods of time. The straps have a tendency to irritate ears after prolonged wear and many people are uncomfortable with the way they look in a mask. For children in school, there is the risk that the mask will get lost or dirty throughout the day. 

Today we're going to look at ways to incorporate your hairstyle into your mask. These styles are designed to stay in place all day and minimize chafing around your ears. Plus they look so cute! Grab your face mask and let's get started!


Back-to-School Styles With a Face Mask

Back-to-school hairstyles with a 2020 twist! Celebrity Stylist Cindy Duplantis has some easy styles to share – watch as she demonstrates on her daughter Greyson. These ideas are perfect for children heading off to school, to keep their masks in place so they don’t get placed on dirty surfaces or go missing.

Brushing through morning tangles is a bit easier with the right shampoo and conditioner, some detangling spray and a Wet Brush. Conditioning helps hair stay tangle-free and the Wet Brush features flexible bristles to take the ouch out of hairstyling. Try Loma Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner (wait until you smell this  seriously, it’s delicious!), Redken One United Multi-Benefit Spray and Wet Brush Pro Detangler.

Cindy suggests looping scrunchies around the straps of the face mask and then wrapping the scrunchies around pigtails placed at about ear level. This not only keeps the face masks in place, but keeps it off of the ears to avoid chafing throughout the day. 

Additionally, she recommends using a scarf to tie the straps of the mask at the back, instead of looping around the ears, which is an easy way to avoid chafing and works for any hair length and style.

Moisturizing Shampoo
Moisturizing Conditioner
Redken One United Leave In
Wet Brush Pro


Everyday Hairstyles With a Face Mask

To avoid touching your face through the day, try an easy updo. These styles will keep your hair pulled back from your face, all while incorporating your face mask.

Scrunchie Bun

Attach your face mask straps to your bun for a chic way to hold your mask in place through the day. At times when you don't need it to cover your face simply lower as if on a hinge. This is a great feature because you won’t lose your mask or set it down on dirty surfaces when it’s time to eat.

Start with a dry texture spray, like Loma Texture & Finishing Spray, spraying lightly on hair and spraying some directly on your hairbrush. 

Using your sprayed hair brush, pull hair back into a ponytail. Position the base of your ponytail to be in line with the top of your ears.

Twist your ponytail into a bun and secure.

Use a bit of pomade or putty along the sides of your head around your ears where your face mask straps will lie, to keep flyaways at bay. Try Loma Fiber Putty.

Loop a scrunchie through the strap on one side of your face mask and pull through. 

Tie the open loop of your scrunchie around the base of your bun.

Follow the previous two steps on the other side.

Texture Spray
Loma Fiber Putty
face mask hair styles

Curly Ponytail

Since we're also trying not to touch our faces, keeping curly hair pulled back can help us avoid brushing our hair out of our eyes. And since wearing a face mask can get hot in stuffy workplaces or classrooms, keeping hair up can help us to stay cool.

Section out the area where your bangs would be and clip aside to style later.

Without brushing through, pull your hair back into a high ponytail using your hands. Before securing with a hair tie, and while you still have your hair in your hands, spritz with a leave-in conditioner to help with flyaways, like Unite 7Seconds Leave-In Conditioner.

Secure with a Traceless hair tie or spiral ring, such as Kenneth Bernard Traceless Hair Tie.

Pull the bang section back and add to the large ponytail by wrapping another Traceless Hair Tie around the large ponytail section.

Use small butterfly clips on your face mask straps to hold them back and off of your ears.

7Seconds Detangler
Traceless Hair Tie
Butterfly clips to hold back face mask

Low Ponytail

To keep medium length hair out of your face through the day try a simple low ponytail. Simply spray with texture spray, such as Sexy Hair Surfer Girl Texture Spray and pull back into a hair tie at the base of your neck.

Texture Spray



Hair clips are a super easy and chic way to keep straps held back. Instead of looping straps around your ears pull straps back with a cute clip of your choice! 

Hairstyles with a face mask
Hairstyles with a face mask
Hairstyles with a face mask
Show off your zodiak sign with this flashy clip from Brunette the Label.


A hair scarf is a must-have to accessorize your face mask. It is so easy to loop the scarf through the straps and tie it back. This scrunchie/scarf combo from Kenneth Bernard has been my go-to. It's so easy to get creative because the set can be worn together or separately for multiple looks!
Hairstyles with a face mask
Face mask Hairstyles By threading the ends of your scarf through the loops of your mask you can easily attach it to any look. I paired it with a top knot and a Kenneth Bernard Dusty Purple Teddy Bear scrunchie.
 Hairstyles with a face mask
You can even attach it to any length of hair when using the scarf as a headband.
Hairstyles with a face mask
Hairstyles with a  face mask

By using a scrunchie scarf combo I was able to pull back the straps of my face mask without tying the scarf in a knot to make removal much easier!

With the scrunchie and scarf detached I pulled my hair back into a ponytail a bit higher than my ears and secured with the scrunchie. I made sure the small loop attachment on the scrunchie was underneath my ponytail pointed down. 

I then threaded the scarf through the straps of my face mask under my ponytail.

Using the loop attachment on the scrunchie, I threaded the ends of the scarf through the loop in a criss-cross fashion and pulled tight.

Now when it's time to remove my mask, I simply pull the scarf out of the scrunchie loop.


I hope this inspires you to get creative with your face mask hairstyles! Sending you all the good vibes to stay safe and healthy and as always Style Happy! 


Trying not to touch your face as often? Try these hairstyles that keep your hair up and out of the way for the day!


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