Hair Serums: Why You Need Them And How to Use

Lorie Knickle January 25, 2021

Serums have become popular in skin care regimens and with hair serum options entering the market, it’s time to think about adding serum to your hair care routine.

When used on clean, damp hair, serums prepare your hair for easier styling and frizz-free days. If your hair is generally unruly or prone to frizz, serums are a must-have. But even finer hair types can benefit from a serum.

These magic potions work on the surface of your strands to treat dryness and frizz, making hair more manageable and smooth all day long. By creating a protective barrier they help block out environmental and heat damage, while keeping moisture in. Serums can sometimes be confused with oils, but both serve slightly different purposes. Oils are formulated to penetrate the hair shaft while serums work on the surface to treat more immediate concerns.

how to apply hair serum

To incorporate a serum into your routine start fresh from the shower with clean, damp hair, before using any other hair products. Serum is best applied slightly warmed, so apply a small amount (pea-sized for short or fine hair, quarter-sized for coarse, thick or curlier hair types) onto the palm of your hand and lightly rub palms together before applying to your hair. Apply from the ends of your hair to mid-shaft, avoiding your roots (unless you are using a serum specifically designed for scalps). Most serums provide heat protection, so you are ready to style!

There are serums for each hair type - lightweight formulas are great for fine hair, to provide benefits without added weight. Thicker, creamier formulas are best for coarse, thick or curlier hair types that need an extra-strong texture. Try these matches for your hair type:

Best serum for fine hair:

Abba Volume Serum

Fine hair serum

This vegan serum protects fine, fragile strands from heat while adding a hint of texture and hold to help give an overall boost.

Best serum for thick/coarse hair:

AG Hair Natural Glow Shine Infuse Serum

thick hair serum

Thick, coarse hair will benefit from this blend of superfoods from AG Hair. This 98% plant-based, naturally-derived serum not only protects and treats surface issues, but also contains vitamins and nutrients that nourish hair.

Best serum for curly hair:

Bed Head Control Freak

Curly hair serum

Get curls under control with this lightweight serum that keeps humidity out and bouncy curls intact.

Best serum for damaged hair: 

Virtue Split End Serum

damaged hair serum

Seal split ends and protect from further damage with Virtue Split End Serum. Formulated with Alpha Keratin 60ku®, a human keratin protein, this serum mends frayed ends on contact and protects from further damage.

Best serum for colour-treated hair:

Alterna Caviar Infinite Color Hold Vibrancy Serum

Anti-aging serum
Preserve your hair colour with powerful UV and heat protection. The formula also delivers anti-aging benefits and instantly adds radiance and shine.


Start your style with a serum for frizz-free, manageable, protected hair! Try out our top picks above or shop all of our professional hair serums at Chatters here.


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