Easy Updo Hairstyle: The Low Textured Ponytail

Lorie Knickle July 30, 2020
Ponytails are a style staple. As the ultimate easy updo hairstyle, they are a medium to long hair go-to for most. Want to make your ponytail stand out from the herd? Try changing it up with this low, middle-part pony with volume and texture! It's just as quick and easy as your regular ponytail, with lots of style! Follow along as Celebrity Stylist Cindy Duplantis shows you how to get this look, fast.



  1. Prep hair with a texture product for volume and grip. One to try: Design.Me Puff.Me powder in a pump.
  2. Create a centre part with comb.
  3. Use Design.Me Hold.Me Three Ways in "M" mode and spray down front sections.
  4. For extra hold, secure with bobby pins on both sides.
  5. Carefully bring hair back into a low ponytail, keeping the texture at the crown and back of your head. Secure with a hair tie.
  6. Pull out pieces in the crown and back of the head to give more texture and volume.
  7. Wrap a little piece of hair around elastic and secure with a bobby pin.
  8. Give your ponytail a little tease to add extra texture and spray with a little more Hold.Me Three Ways. Or you can add a dry texture spray if you need a little more oomph.
  9. If you are in between colour services and have root regrowth, touch up your roots with a concealer! Holding your comb over your part line to protect from colour, spray the concealer on roots to camouflage. Repeat this on both sides. One to try:  L'Oreal Root Concealer Spray 


This is such a super easy updo hairstyle and it's also super chic. Rock that textured ponytail!


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