Top 5 Ways to Use Hair Oil

Lorie Knickle December 11, 2019

Are you ready for lush, glossy tresses? Of course! Who wouldn't want healthy, shiny, manageable locks? Hair oils are your ticket to hair bliss. They are the multi-tasking hair product that will change your hair game. Whether you have never used hair oils, or are a die-hard fan, I'm going to give you the lowdown on the top 5 ways to use them.

There are loads of different oil blends available. Some are heavier for coarse or dry hair, while others are lightweight for fine hair. If you need help choosing an oil that will work best for your hair type, stop by a Chatters Hair Salon near you — find your nearest salon here. A Beauty Consultant or Stylist will be able to pinpoint the right one for your hair type! Most give similar benefits: nourishing moisture that penetrates deep into strands, UV protection, increased manageability, frizz and static control and a smooth shiny finish. 

Today, I am using a fan-favourite oil that is super popular: Moroccanoil Treatment. This oil is a lightweight yet highly effective hair oil containing argan oil. Argan oil is rich in anti-oxidants and vitamins to nourish and hydrate. Moroccanoil has so many benefits! It protects your hair from UV Rays, detangles, nourishes, fights frizz and static, smooths, moisturizes and leaves hair manageable and shiny. There are two types of Moroccanoil Treatment: Original and Light. I tend to prefer the Light in the summer months and the Original in the winter when my hair needs a little extra TLC.

These top 5 tricks would work with any hair oil of your choosing. Pull out your fave oil and let's get to it!

1. Apply to Damp Hair

Hair oil

This is probably the most common way to use hair oil. It sets the tone for your whole style. From fighting frizz to speeding up drying time, it makes your hair easier to style and feel amazing. Start when your hair is damp, not sopping wet. Apply the oil to your fingertips and work into your hair from mid-length to tips.  Comb through carefully with a wide tooth comb or Wet Brush. Blow dry or air dry — I bet your hair will feel instantly softer and smoother!

2. Apply to Dry Hair

Hair Oil For Smooth Hair

When applied to fresh, dry hair, the oil will help fight frizz and static, create definition and condition your ends all day. If you want a nice smooth, sleek style it will really help finish your look. I like to use oil on my ends when I'm skipping a shampoo, on second-day hair. After applying dry shampoo, the ends of my hair can sometimes become dry and prone to static. A bit of oil applied to the tips help balance out the oil-absorbing powder to moisturize and calm the static. 

3. Separating Curls

Styling with Hair Oil

After curling your hair, rub some oil on your fingertips and lightly run through your curls to break them up. Using your fingers without oil tends to make curls become fluffy and staticky. The oil gives definition to curls and controls the static and flyaways that can pop up without oil.

4. Hair Mask

Hair Oil Mask before after

If your hair is stressed, a hair mask can work wonders. Amp up your favourite mask with a few drops of Moroccanoil to add extra vitamins and moisture. If you can, add heat to help the oil penetrate your hair even further. After applying to your hair, you can wrap your hair in a warm towel and let it sit for 20 minutes, then rinse. Or, you can try a trick I like to use. First wash your hair and rinse. Squeeze out all of the excess water and pat with a towel to lightly dry. Apply the mask/oil mixture to your damp hair and then cover with a loose shower cap (I use the Kenneth Bernard shower cap). Hop into the shower for your regular cleansing routine. The heat from the shower will help the product penetrate, while the shower cap acts as a seal to keep in all the nourishing goodness. When you've finished your shower, remove the cap and rinse out the mask.

5. Cocktail with Styling Products

Hair Oil Cocktail with Styling Products

Add the benefits of your oil to your styling products! It helps keep your hair from getting crunchy or stiff which is an added bonus! Here, I've added to a thickening lotion. I wanted a style with more volume, but also wanted to keep my hair nice and smooth. Other great combos include oil + styling cream, oil + blow dry primer, or oil + curl cream. Mix and match to find your favourite cocktail!

Those are my top 5 uses for hair oil. Discover your new favourite oil here!


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