Summer Style: Sleek Braided Ponytail

Lorie Knickle August 09, 2021

Get a sleek, chic style for summer! Braids are always beautiful and with a little help from KMS products, they can be a great way to stay frizz-free on a hot humid day. Follow along with Cindy Duplantis as she shows you how to get the look!

Shop the KMS products you'll need to get the look:

 anti frizz, frizz control

Tamefrizz Smoothing Lotion

anti-frizz, frizz control

Hairplay Styling Gel


anti frizz curly hair product

Hairstay Anti-Humidity Seal


Step One: Apply KMS Hairplay Styling Gel to both the hairline and neckline working your way back.  

Step Two: Use a finishing brush to bring all the hair neatly together in a ponytail.  
Hot Tip: For added support and hold, loop one elastic through another and then back through itself to tie the two elastics securely together. Once the two elastics are joined, add a bobby pin to each loop of the elastic.  

Step Three: Using one hand to hold the ponytail tight, securely insert one bobby pin into the base of the ponytail and wrap the elastic around the hair snuggly. Insert the second bobby pin to secure the ponytail.  

Step Four: Apply KMS Hairstay Anti-Humidity Seal for hold and to help keep things smooth.  

Step Five: Take a small section of hair from the ponytail and apply KMS Hairplay Styling Gel. Then wrap the piece around the base of the ponytail to camouflage the elastic. Lock it in place with a bobby pin.  

Step Six: Section the ponytail hair into three equal parts. Apply KMS Tamefrizz Smoothing Lotion to each hair section and work the product from the top down to the ends to provide control and achieve a sleek finish.  

Step Seven: Use a finishing brush on each section to smooth any flyaways.  

Step Eight: Braid the three strands tightly.  

Step Nine: Apply a clear elastic to the end of your braid once complete.  

Step Ten: Use KMS Tamefrizz Smoothing Lotion to smooth away any remaining flyaways for a sleek, stunning finished look!  




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