Motherhood and Healthy Hair with Catherine Wigg

Kathy Wamboldt August 19, 2019

"To all the moms out there having a hard time, you are not alone. To the mother that goes to sleep wishing she did things differently, I think those things too. To the mom who is doing her best, I am too. Although sometimes it doesn’t feel like we are our “best”... because we are also our own worst critic. Be compassion with yourself ❤️"

-Catherine Wigg


Natural Plant-Based Products Keep @Catherine.wigg and Her Children Happy and Healthy

Summer – a time when our hair gets lighter, water gets warmer, music gets louder and life gets, well, sunnier. While summer can seem all too short here in Canada, we know more than most that we need to enjoy every moment as summertime is meant for good friends, great adventures and living our best lives. 

To celebrate summer, we’ve teamed up with the Calgary-based blogger and mother of two, Catherine Wigg from

Catherine Family

Healthy Family, Happy Mommy

Catherine is a proud mom of three-year-old William and two-year-old Georgia. As a busy mom, she deeply loves everything that has to do with health, family, natural living amidst fast-paced family life, and enjoys empowering other young mothers to find bliss in what can seem like mundane.

Catherine started her blog as a place to treasure her sweetest memories of being a new mother, and it has since grown to be a hub for information and support for the whole Calgary community and beyond.

Catherine encourages mothers to share their stories and encourages open dialogue as they discuss learning on their journeys to natural family living.


Natural Living Inside and Out

For Catherine, natural living encompasses everything from organic, plant-based and cruelty-free products to things that enable her and her family to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle. As an on-the-go mom, she also needs quick beauty solutions that help her look her best through even her busiest days. 

Staying true to her values, as part of the Buy 2 Get 1 Free special, Catherine chose her classic two bottles of Design Me Puff.Me Shampoo and Design Me Puff.Me Conditioner and, as an added bonus, chose the Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Heat Styling Primer.

The Design Me shampoo and conditioner duo are perfect for getting that voluminous, shiny, texturized style you are looking for. The Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Heat Styling Primer will help you beat the heat so you can be sure your perfect blowout lasts all day without the damage. 


Try it Yourself

If you’re a busy family that is always on-the-go like Catherine’s, finding natural and quality hair care products to keep your hair happy and healthy during summer months can make all the difference.

Whatever your needs, the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal can help you feel good, do good and be your best self.

To try out Catherine’s picks, or make a cool combination of your own, head in to one of our stores today!


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