How to Use a Hair Scarf

Lorie Knickle July 01, 2020

How on earth do you use a hair scarf?! Here at Chatters, we're shaking up the hair world with a new take on the classic Audrey Hepburn hair scarf. Scarf hairstyles have come and gone over the decades and now, with the added va va voom of the beloved scrunchie, how to wear a hair scarf has just taken to new heights! 

Below we detail for you the different ways you can style our new Kenneth Bernard collection scrunchie hair scarf combo! That's right, we have a combo for you!  Shop the scrunchie hair scarf combo here.

Check out the video below with different hair scarf styles - from a soft hair scarf ponytail, to the whimsical headband scarf plus we introduce you to our new kb collection scrunchie scarf combo that allow us to get these killer styles! 

1. The Boho Babe

Scrunchies Scarves

Ever wanted a cute way to wear a scarf on your head? The Boho Babe screams individuality and looks great when styled a little thicker. Here's how:

  1. Style your hair the way you love it (curled, straight, beach waves and so on)
  2. Run your kb collection hair scarf around the lower crown
  3. Tie off your scarf at the back of your head in a double knot, pulling the fabric lightly to make the knot look neat and plump
  4. Spread the ends of the hair scarf and let them fall naturally
  5. Secure with either single or criss crossed bobby pins where you feel you need them
  6. Want some variation? Using a clear elastic band, thread the hair scarf though (the band should be in the middle of the scarf). This creates a totally different look. Then continue on from Step 3!

2. The Steven Tyler

Scrunchies Scarves

Mention Steven Tyler and all I think is "man, I want his lips!" but I guess the next best thing would have to be his take on the hair scarf! This look can be wild or soft, styled with your hair up or down and adds so much to your daily look.

  1. Place your scarf just behind your hairline, pulling some parts of hair forward if desired
  2. Bring the scarf behind the ears and tie at the base of your head - you can leave the ends to fall down your back or bring them under the hair to your shoulder
  3. Alternatively, work the scarf around in order to tie below one ear, then have the ends falling on your shoulder. This will add more pizzazz to the whole look, showcasing the scarf
  4. Now rock out like Mr. Tyler!

3. Chiffon Chignon

Well, well, well doesn't this look cool and different! You can totally play with this hair scarf and scrunchie style by altering ponytail placements. Why not even try two in pigtails!?

  1. Tie hair into a ponytail in your desired location - you can choose to use a traceless hair tie or the matching kb collection scrunchie
  2. Split your ponytail in 2, with a top and bottom section
  3. Grab your Kenneth Bernard hair scarf & loop around the bottom section of hair, after the hair tie - remember to keep the scarf lengths even
  4. Holding one half of the scarf to the bottom section of hair (section 1), bring the other half of scarf up and over top section (section 2)
  5. Holding both sections, begin twisting them together, section 2 over section 1 and so on until you are at the end of your hair
  6. Secure with hair tie
    ....But wait, there's more!
  7. Softly pull any areas of the twist that you want to show more of or make look softer and not so tight (this step is completely up to you and how you like your hair to look)
  8. Begin twisting your hair around your scrunchie/traceless hair tie
  9. Using bobby pins, pin to scalp to secure in multiple locations
  10. Try keep scarf ends poking out for an adorable look!

4. Twisted Sister

Scrunchies Scarves

Like the Chiffon Chignon, but different and a standout on it's own, the Twisted Sister takes your braid to the next level! This scrunchie scarf combo is #lit and about to be the talk of the town. Will you be the first to rock this braided scarf look?

  1. Style your hair the way you like it - this could be in a half ponytail, like seen in the video, or as a full hair braid that could fall down your back our over your shoulder - oh the choices!
  2. Tie your hair with the kb collection scrunchie scarf combo
  3. Instead of starting your braid with 3 sections of hair, you will use 2 and the 3rd will come from the scarf 
  4. Begin your braid and secure at the end with a traceless hair tie
  5. Using the ends of the scarf, make a cute tie off to cover the hair tie
  6. Lightly pull sections of your braid, if desired, for a fuller look!


5. The Southern Ballerina 

Scrunchies Scarves

Not a dancer? That's ok, you can pretend like me and at least make your hair look the part! This variation of the common ponytail is made soft and playful with the use of the kb collection scrunchie scarf combo! Did someone say hair scarf ponytail? Why, yes, yes we did!

  1. This look is made softer by a subtle curl added to the hair, which you can choose to do or perhaps you're naturally blessed with a wave (lucky you!) - and of course this style will look epic with straight hair too
  2. Allow some sections to fall around your face in your style, again creating a soft style
  3. You have two choices here (and boy do we love choices!) - you can secure your ponytail with either a traceless hair tie or the matching scrunchie from the kb collection scrunchie scarf combo for a fuller look
  4. Finish with the scarf component from the kb collection, styling it as you like - you may choose to loop the scarf a few times to have shorter ends showing or alternatively, you could have longer ends flowing with your hair - what about a cute bow? This is a stellar idea too!
  5. You can manipulate this hair scarf style by creating a super low or high ponytail with scarf!  

Now that you have the know-how with hair scarf styles, it's time to start experimenting with the kb collection scrunchie scarf combo! Which will you choose first?


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Ann August 06, 2019

Scrunchies are from the 80’s ! They were great. So Chatters, how about using your influence to bring back BANANA COMBS ? I loved them because it was like having your hair up and down at the same time !! Introduce them to a whole new generation.

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