High, Sleek Ponytail: Get the JUNOS Look with Töme

Lorie Knickle July 02, 2021

Want a hairstyle with star quality? Get the look with a sleek, high ponytail created by Celebrity Stylist & Chatters Ambassador Cindy Duplantis on JUNO Award-Winning Artist Töme at the 2021 50th JUNO Awards. This classic ponytail turned heads on the red carpet and beyond, and now it’s your turn to rock it! Blast some Töme tunes and glam out with us! 

Nailing the look is so much easier when you have pro products on hand. Shop Cindy’s top picks to give you the sleekest, shiniest ponytail: 

Now let's get styling!

Step One: Apply Drybar Jump Start Quick Blowout Serum all over your hair while wet. 

Step Two: Begin to blow dry with a paddle brush backwards into a ponytail motion until 80% dry. 

Step Three: Part hair to the side (or in desired area), apply Redken Guts 10 to the root area only and continue to blow dry in the direction of your part and ponytail until completely dry. Guts 10 will give your hair the hold and pliability for styling after. 

Step Four: Secure your ponytail with desired elastic or scrunchie, leaving front pieces out. 

Step Five: Using your flat iron, smooth out just the ends of the bottom of your ponytail to give a sleek finish.  

Step Six: Spray in Redken Control Addict 28 from the root area all the way down the ponytail to control and smooth out any flyaways. 

Step Seven: With your fingertips, apply either the Loma Crème Pomade or Loma Forming Paste (depending on how much hold you need) to the front fringe you pulled out in step four. Hot tip: Use the Crème Pomade for a soft hold, use the Forming Paste for a strong hold. 

Step Eight: With your fingers, lay the fringe flat and flush to your hairline and smooth out as desired. Repeat on the other side. 

Step Nine: To finish off, use Control Addict 28 to give extra hold, if desired, and remove any unwanted flyaways. 

Step Ten: Ready to go! 


Tome Canadian Singer Songwriter
Photo by: CARAS/iPhoto
@thejunoawards & @tomeofficial_

Töme is a Nigerian-French Canadian Singer-Songwriter born in Montreal, Canada and raised in the diverse city of Toronto. She won the Reggae Recording of the Year JUNO Award in 2021 for her hit song "I Pray".
Make sure you check out her latest release “Nana”.


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