Get the Look: Layers Inspired by "The Rachel"

Lorie Knickle August 31, 2021

Oh "The Rachel!" She's what hair dreams are made of! In the 90s, when Jennifer Aniston's character Rachel Green (from the TV show Friends) wore her iconic layers blown out to perfection, we were hooked. EVERYONE had to have "The Rachel." Good news: voluminous layers have never gone out of style and you can still rock your own version of "The Rachel." Follow along as we show you how to get bouncy, shiny volume with help from Redken and Hot Tools! 

Shop the products you'll need to get the look:

thermal spray for hair styling

Redken One United

voluminous hair mousse

Redken Guts 10

shiny hair spray

Redken Shine Flash

voluminous hair brush

Hot Tools Black Gold Volumizing Brush

Step 1: Prep hair with Redken One United 
Step 2: Add Redken Guts 10 to the roots for volume and full body finish.
Hot Tip: For additional volume, apply Redken Guts 10 to mid-lengths and ends. 
Step 3: Use the Hot Tools Black Gold Volumizing Brush for the perfect blowout from top to bottom.
Step 4: Section hair and set with clips for a few minutes to achieve maximum volume.
Step 5: Complete the look with Redken Shine Flash for bouncy, luminous strands!

Want another iconic style tutorial? CLICK HERE for a curly ponytail look that reaches new heights! 


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Gurpreet Kaur

Gurpreet Kaur September 23, 2021

I like this style

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