Summer Style: Get The Look With Textured Braids

Lorie Knickle July 16, 2021

Looking for a fuss-free hairstyle that will stay in place all day? Then give this textured braid look a try, because braids are the most fun when they come in pairs! It's easy, and with a little help from our friends at Loma the results are extra fabulous! Let's get braiding!


Shop the Loma products you'll need to get the look:

 purple shampoo

Violet Shampoo

purple shampoo

Violet Conditioner

natural hair oil

dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo



Step One  
Wash hair with your favourite LOMA Shampoo & Conditioner. If you have blonde hair, you might want to try the LOMA Violet line to keep your blonde looking brass-free. 

Step Two  
Apply LOMA Dry Shampoo for added fullness and texture to help hold your style in place. This product contains rice and tapioca starch to better absorb oils and other impurities, keeping your hair fresh longer. 

Step Three  
Section your hair into two sections parting straight down the middle. Hot tip: use a comb to get the part line nice and clean.  

Step Four  
Begin to French braid one of the sections from the top by creating three separate pieces. Be sure to braid under rather than over.  

Step Five  
Leave about 3 inches of hair at the bottom to allow for loosening of the braid to add fullness.  

Step Six  
Working from bottom to top, loosen the braid!  

Step Seven
Lock any loose hairs in place with a bobby pin. Use your comb to brush the loose hair up and then apply the bobby pin to hair to stay in place.

Step Eight 
Repeat steps three through seven on the other side.  

Step Nine 
Apply additional LOMA Dry Shampoo for added texture and freshness.  

Step Ten 
Finish off the look with LOMA Nourishing Oil to tame any fly aways and get the ends looking sleek 



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