Fun With Temporary Hair Colour!

Lorie Knickle June 01, 2021

Has it felt like forever since you've seen your stylist? Are you feeling a little faded? Or craving a style change? Oh I am feeling you! If you want to feel those salon-fresh feels, I may have your fix. There are loads of easy, convenient and fun ways to try colour right at home, that require no special skills and no commitment. Now is a perfect time to dabble in temporary hair colour! Now available in colour-depositing shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, the temporary hair colour options make changing up your style as easy as regular washing and conditioning. So simple!

Keep in mind, with temporary hair colour washes, conditioners and masks, the results show up best on blonde or pre-lightened hair, but can give results on other, darker hair colours as well. In fact it can be really fun to layer them over existing hair colours for interesting new looks. And if matched to your current colour, the temporary colours will help refresh and maintain hair colour that is fading.

A word to the wise: I recommend using gloves when applying most of the products, they tend to leave colour on your hands for the more heavily pigmented products. Also, wipe up any product spills from your countertops and sinks right away and you'll also want to protect your clothes or wear something that you won't mind staining.

I recommend using a wide tooth comb to work the product through your hair and a loose-fitting shower cap to cover up while letting the colour soak in, if you choose.

Colour me excited, here we go!



Celeb Luxury Shampoos and Conditioners

Temporary Hair Colour Celeb Luxury

First I want to start with shampoos and conditioners that I LOVE from Celeb Luxury.

Celeb Luxury Gem Lites and Viral colour depositing shampoos and conditioners can extend salon-fresh hair colour at home until you're able to return to the salon. And all of Celeb Luxury products are quick and easy to use, right in the shower.

There are various ways to use them, and to get the deets I went directly to the experts at Celeb Luxury to get their top tips!

Temporary Hair Colour


TIP #1:

To Refresh colour: If your hair has already faded, use Gem Lites or Viral colour depositing shampoo or conditioner. You will get an instant boost of colour with one application. If you want more colour intensity, repeat the application.

TIP #2:

To Maintain colour: Start using right after hair is freshly coloured. Alternate every other wash with a clear shampoo or conditioner to manage or maintain the vibrancy of your colour. Continuous use and your colour will never fade.

Whether you are using our Celeb Luxury products to refresh or maintain, they promote better hair colour. Your colour will come out vibrant and when you use Celeb Luxury colour over good colour it will come out even better. 

TIP #3:

Have you always wanted to do something fun with your hair colour, but work or school have you limited? Now is the perfect time to play with @celebluxury.

Ready. Set. Play! Another way to use Celeb Luxury Viral is to CREATE Pastels & Vivids over pre-lightened platinum blonde hair. The lighter the base, the truer and brighter the colour. You can shampoo or condition with Viral to achieve the fantasy shades. It’s the perfect, easy way to PLAY with colour in one quick use. It’s fast, simple, fun and commitment-free.

I have even tried this method on my red hair and check out my results! So much fun!

Temporary hair colour

Want some more inspo?

Check out these fab looks from Chatters Stylists!


This pretty purple was styled by Angie Hunt (@angie_hunt_) at Chatters Empress in Winnipeg using Viral Pastel Lavender Colorwash.

Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash


To give this blonde a pop of pink, Sydney (@miss_sydneyhair) at Chatters St. Albert in Alberta used Viral Pink Colorwash, washing her client's hair twice to give an extra pink hue. 

Celeb Luxury Pink Hair



Kerachroma Clenditioners

Hair Colour Conditioner

Another great colour option that you can use right in the shower is brought to you by Kerachroma! Kerachroma Clenditioners cleanse, condition and deposit colour for a 3-in-1 like you've never seen before! Use like a regular shampoo: lather, rinse, repeat. The colour will build with each use, and it is great for maintaining vivid colours. The colour rinses out after a few washes, so you can switch it up easily. Angie Hunt (@angie_hunt_) loves this product to keep her clients and her own hair vibrant. Check out her work below!


Kerachroma Blue keeps this peacock hue going strong.

Kerachroma Teal


Now this is red done right! Refreshed with Kerachroma Red.

Kerachroma Red


How cool is this rose gold?! Created with Kerachroma Rose Gold.

Kerachroma Rose Gold


And @angie_hunt_, keeping her amazing colours strong with Kerachroma Hot Pink.

Kerachroma Hot Pink



Schwarzkopf Bold Wash and BlondMe BlushME Wash

Pink Hair

Schwarzkopf has two fun colour-depositing shampoo options! If you have blonde hair and are looking to create soft pastel look, BlondMe BlushMe washes and sprays give a temporary colour that is a fresh addition to blonde hair. They last up to 3 washes, so you can play without commitment. Schwarzkopf Bold Wash is a more vibrant collection and can be used on blonde hair or darker hair types. Simply wash your hair like you would regular shampoo, making sure to work the product really well into your hair.



Moroccanoil Color-Depositing Masks

Hair Colour Masks

If your hair is dry and damaged, on top of needing a colour refresh, Moroccanoil Color-Depositing Hair Masks are your new BFF! Depending on the colour of your hair to start and the length of time you leave them on your hair before rinsing, the results can range from pastel to vibrant. Not only is your hair left with a cool new colour, it is so soft and healthy feeling. Apply to clean, damp hair and let it sit anywhere from 3 minutes to 20 minutes depending on your desired vibrancy. Below, I have used the Bordeaux colour on my natural hair, left on for 20 minutes. It gives my colour new life and will slowly fade over my next few washes.

Moroccanoil color masks

Check out this gorgeous look created by Chloe Greatrex on her daughter using Rose Gold and Hibiscus!

Rose Gold Hair

Or swoon over this sweet hint of Rose Gold created by Samantha Whyte at Chatters St. Albert.

Rose Gold Hair 



CHI Ionic Color Illuminate Conditioner

Chi Coloured Hair Conditioner

Another great conditioning colour-depositing treat that leaves hair feeling soft and healthy is brought to you by CHI. The Ionic Color Illuminate Conditioner collection balances and refreshes existing colours when left on your hair for 1 - 5 minutes. For more intense results shampoo, rinse and towel dry. Apply CHI Ionic Color Illuminate Conditioner to hair and distribute evenly. Leave in for 20 minutes and rinse out. The more conditioner you use, the more intense the results will be.



So many temporary colour options and the best part - you can try them all! They are a no-commitment way to play, giving you the freedom to switch up your colour as you please. Shop all Temporary Hair Colour products here.

We LOVE to play with colour! Be sure to check us out on Instagram @chattershairsalon and follow our Stylists as well for their tips, tricks and inspo.


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