Pastel Hair Colours + How To Use Them

Kayla Sieben April 15, 2019

It seems like you can get every shade of every colour of the rainbow to put in your hair these days. Now there's also tons of different ways to achieve that shade of your dreams - colour shampoos, spray-in colours, semi-permanent, wash out, and the list goes on!

So which one is right for you and how do you use them?

In the spirit of Easter this month, I bribed some of our platinum blonde babes at Chatters HQ into letting me play with their pale locks. Scroll down to see the results of the different pastel hair colours!

1. Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash in Pastel Baby Blue on Rachel

How To Use: Use in the shower in place of your regular shampoo to add a pop of fun colour, or to keep your current shade bold until your next salon appointment. Apply on dry hair for more intense results. This stuff really packs a kick of colour and comes in neutral tones as well as viral bold shades. 

Rachel's Hair Before:
Celeb Luxury

How We Got The Look: For Rachel's hair we wanted some blue highlights blended into her blonde locks. We used the Celeb Luxury Viral Colorwash in Pastel Baby Blue and applied it with a colour brush on her dry hair in thin sections, securing them with foils. We left the foils on for 30 minutes. Since this product is a "Colorwash" - meaning it also acts as a shampoo - all we had to do was rinse it out and follow with a colour-safe conditioner!

Rachel's Hair After:

2. Joico K-PAK Vero Color Intensity in Violet Pearl on Tracy

JOICO K-PAK Color Intensity Violet Pearl

How To Use: Apply on dry hair with a colour brush. Use a comb after applying to ensure you have even distribution of the product in your hair. Leave on for 20-30 minutes, then wash out with colour-safe shampoo and conditioner. This product comes in a TON of different shades, is great for adding a pop of colour and it is so easy to use!

Tracy's Hair Before:
Joico K-Pak colour intesity

How We Got The Look: Tracy wanted this pastel purple all over her head, so we started at the back of her head, applying the Joico K-PAK Vero Color Intensity in Violet Pearl with a colour brush to her dry hair. Once the colour was all on, I used a wide-tooth comb to work it through - gotta make sure you get every strand of hair coated!! Then we left it on for 30 minutes, and washed it out with colour-safe shampoo and conditioner.

Tracy's Hair After:
JOICO K-PAK Color Intensity Violet Pearl

3. Schwarzkopf BLONDME Instant Blush Tint in Jade on Carrie

Temporary hair color

How To Use: Spray into damp hair and use a brush or comb to distribute through your hair before you blow dry. No need to wash out! This spray-in colour will last up to 3 washes! Perfect for festivals this summer. 

Carrie's Hair Before:
Schwarzkopf Professional Blondme
How We Got The Look: This was the easiest way to achieve a semi-permanent hue with the pastel hair colours! Carrie wanted a nice ombre-look with this jade green shade. She sprayed the Schwarzkopf BLONDME Instant Blush Tint in Jade into her damp hair - just from the mid-shaft down to her ends. Then she blow dried with a paddle brush to ensure the color was spread out evenly on her ends. Done! 

Carrie's Hair After:
BLONDME Instant Blush Jade
Let's be honest. Blondes sometimes do have more fun. Just look at all the different shades you can play with!
Grab yours today in-store or online at !!!


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