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Kathy Wamboldt August 16, 2019

My favourite time of the year is here - Chatters Buy 2 Get 1 FREE promotion is on until September 2nd! 


Although it is so hard to pick just three to talk about - I decided to choose three that I use literally every day. 

DESIGN ME Quickie.Me Dry Shampoo Foam

First up is Design.Me Quickie Me Dry Shampoo Foam. The key here is the foam. It smells delish and I can use it on freshly washed hair or on dry hair to extend the life of my wash. I want to keep my hair as long and luscious as possible so the least amount of washes the better! Too bad my oily scalp doesn't co-operate all the time. With dry shampoo foam, I don't have the residue that some spray dry shampoos leave behind.

To use it, simply spay a golf ball sized dollop on your hand to start and apply to the scalp. Brush out through the ends - dry with a blow dryer if desired. The foam absorbs the oil on your scalp to help you stay fresh and matte during the non-wash days.

Next, I can't go a day without using lotion! I am really vibing with this newer scent: Hempz Citrine Crystal & Quartz Body Moisturizer. In our dry Canadian air, I need an extra boost that I can't get anywhere else but Hempz! This scent is so pleasant and the lotion itself has a touch of shimmer in the formula so my skin literally glows after using it!

Hempz is a totally vegan, cruelty-free brand that helps keep your body and soul happy and healthy! 

Now for my freebie! No day is complete without protecting my hair against the heat. Whether it's the weather or my flat iron, Kenneth Bernard Protect is a lightweight spray that coats my hair strands with a protective layer so I can be sure that heat stays at bay.

Spray this on dry hair before styling to ensure protection up to 450°! 

What are your B2G1 FREE faves?! Tell me below in a comment! 


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