Bubblegum Pink Hair Inspo and How to Maintain it At Home

Kassidy Goodall January 30, 2019

To us February is all about romance, candy, and above all the colour PINK! To celebrate February we rounded up all of our favourite pink hair creations by some of our very own stylists and we've got all the tips to help you maintain your pink hair and make it last all month long!  

Kaytlin, Chatters Park Place Lethbridge

A hot pink ombre for a hot date! To keep this vibrant colour fresh we recommend using the Kerachroma Color + Clenditioner Hot Pink shade once your hue starts to fade. It deposits colour while deeply conditioning your hair so that you don't have to worry about extra damage! 

pink hair

Krysta, Chatters Fanshawe London

Having a pretty pastel colour like this one is definitely tough to maintain at home! With a colour this delicate we recommend the luxury colour depositing capabilities of Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Colorwash in the shade Light Pink to really help these pastel locks last until your next appointment. Just wash your hair regularly and condition with their Rose Gold Conditioner to help the pink vibes thrive even more! 

pink hair

Ashli, Chatters Grandview Corners Surrey

Pretty in pink with some added edge. Since this look is nice and short, it'll be super easy to maintain with our Joico Color Butter in Pink! Use these like a treatment after you wash, leave in for 5 minutes, and rinse for a vibrant colour update! 

Jennifer, Chatters Fanshawe London

Since this pink is more on the peachy side we recommend using some Celeb Luxury Viral in Coral to help those orangey undertones pop! It's the perfect shade to bust into spring with! 

Erol, Chatters Whitemud Meadows Edmonton

When your hair is prelightened you get to have fun with all the colours! To achieve a soft pink hue at home, a great product to try is the Schwarzkopf BLONDME Blush Wash in Strawberry. The colours can last up to 5 washes! 

Ashli, Chatters Grandview Corners Surrey

When blonde is your base, you have to be careful playing around with too many at home colour products. The best way to maintain a look like this is by investing in a good colour shampoo and conditioner like the Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner. That way both your blonde and your pink will be protected from fading! 

bubblegum pink hair

Leo, Chatters Polo Park Winnipeg

Edgy with a hint of Strawberry goodness! Joico K-Pak Color Intensity Rose will help to keep your strawberry top looking fresh until your stylist can fix you up at your next salon visit. 

bubblegum pink hair

Van, Chatters Crossroads Winnipeg

Maintaining a hue this vibrant definitely takes dedication! We recommend the Joico K-Pak Color Intensity in Hot Pink to refresh your hue in between salon visits. It can get a little messy so we recommend using some gloves, but it'll all be worth it for this gorgeous colour! 

Taylor, Chatters Hyland's Centre London

The softest barely-there pink hue for you babes that like something a little more subtle. What we would recommend to maintain this colour without overdoing it is the Kerachroma Clenditioner in Light Pink. It'll gloss over strands and repair damage caused by prelightening. 

how to maintain pink hair

Krysta, Chatters Fanshawe London

You're gonna have a blast with this hot pink hue with a natural dark root! Maintaining this colour can be as simple as washing your strands with the Celeb Luxury Viral Extreme Hot Pink Colorwash

how to maintain pink hair

Keisha, Chatters Westgate Grande Prairie

A pinky purple blend definitely needs some magenta TLC in between professional colour treatments! That's why we recommend the Celeb Luxury Viral Magenta Colorditioner paired with your favourite colour preserving shampoo for this look. 

Malinda, Chatters Hillside Mall Victoria

The softest romantic rosy hue... Use Joico K-Pak Color Intensity in Soft Pink to help enhance your love affair with this gorgeous shade until you're reunited with your stylist! 

Maggie, Chatters Owen Sound

With a colour this intense you KNOW you better invest in a good colour preserving shampoo and conditioner. A fan favourite, the AG Colour Savour Shampoo is gentle enough to protect your mane while offering both UV and Free Radical protection! 

Hannah, Chatters Parkland Mall Red Deer

Don't let your deep pink hue rinse down the drain! Lock in that colour with the Redken Colour Extend Magnetics Deep Attraction mask and say hello to softer and smoother hair in the process. 

Krysta, Chatters Fanshawe London

Business at the roots, party at the tips! For a quick tint to spice up your life spray our Schwarzkopf BlondMe Instant Blush Strawberry Beautifier on freshly washed hair and enjoy a fun hue that'll last you 3 shampoos! 

These tricks and tips will help you maintain your pink and bubblegum pink hair to help your colour last longer!

Feel free to screenshot any of these looks for inspiration for your next Chatters visit and shop these products online at Chatters.ca.  




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Kit September 18, 2019

I love a good pink hue do! I love the dark roots and light pink ends

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