My First Weekend with AG Natural's Coco & Bloom

Kassidy Goodall March 16, 2019

Whenever AG launches a new product, everyone at Chatters knows about it! When I first heard they were adding to their Natural's line, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the product. I figured the best way to test a new product is the same as testing out a new boyfriend - spend a weekend away with them! So here we go...

Hair Prep:

I started my Friday by hopping in the shower and washing my hair with AG Colour Savour Shampoo & Conditioner (our gift with colour service all March). Marisa from our Parkland Mall location toned my hair about a week ago and I’m into it so Colour Savour really helps to prevent it from fading! After that I towel dried with my DevaTowel, my fave trick for cutting down on frizz.

coconut oil leave in conditioner spray

This is when the magic happened. I spritzed some brand new AG Naturals Coco, an indulgent leave in spray made out of 98% plant based ingredients, into my thirsty strands. The scent is very similar to other AG Naturals products, which I was already in love with. I then went through with a wide tooth comb completely effortlessly, which is a sign of an amazing leave-in! Overall, a delightful first impression.

After that I opted for another AG Naturals fave of mine, Cloud. This lightweight mousse really helps in the volume department without being stiff or sticky. I use 3 pumps and massage into my roots.

hair dryer

Time to blow dry! My go-to’s for my at home blow outs are my KB Dryer, my WetBrush Paddle, and my Moroccanoil Treatment. This is my holy hair trinity to smooth my hair and make it look super healthy!

Day 1:

Now let’s get styling! Before my iron gets hot, let’s not forget the most important step- HEAT PROTECTANT! My absolute favourite is the KB Protect Spray, it smells very luxe. After I spray a generous amount on my strands I like to brush it out with my Dannyco Boar Bristle Brush to distribute it evenly. Then I curled one inch sections of my hair with the BaByliss Pro Unclipped Pointy Barrel Curling Iron, leaving my ends out and going away from my face.

lightweight hairspray

Then I got to play with my other new friend from AG Naturals, Bloom - a flexible hold hairspray ideal for all hair types. First of all, I can’t decide which name is cuter, Coco or Bloom? They sound like powerpuff girls and I’m obsessed with it. Anyways, I sprayed it on my lengths and let me tell you, the initial spritz is weirdly targeted but don’t worry you’ll get used to it! This one also smells similar to other Naturals products so I was very pleased. I gave it a couple minutes to dry, went through my curls with a wide toothed comb to break them up a bit and help make them look more relaxed and beachy.


Then I headed to work at Chatters HQ to prep for some fashion events we have coming up in Toronto this spring!

hair trends 2019

After a long day of running around and making swag bags I was pretty stoked to look in the mirror and see my curls were still decently in tact! I headed home to make some cauliflower bites and hang out with my dogs. 

Day 2:

As much as I would love to sound cool and say I went to a trendy club on my Friday night, it was actually spent Body Drench Sheet Masking, watching the Office on Netflix, and browsing through Pinterest. So here are my results after a night of some heavy duty chilling! 

sheet mask

I sleep on my left side so as you can tell the left side of my curls definitely fell a little flat but the right side held up pretty good! Now off to Edmonton for a trade show! 

curling iron

To style for day 1 of my trade show, I spritzed some more of AG Coco on my lengths to make brushing it out easier. After that I used the AG Brunette Dry Shampoo, I love this one because it matches my hair really well. Then I touched up some of my curls on the left side and set it with AG Bloom

Dry shampoo

After a long day and dinner with my mom I snapped this selfie of my curls in my hotel room. They held up pretty good once again, I think having the Bloom already on my hair before I curled helped to lock in my style even more.

Day 3:

high ponytail

The next morning I opted for a high pony to hide the fact that I'm on day 3 hair. I brushed through and secured my hair on top of my head with one of our spring KB Scrunchies (my new fave accessory). Then I used Bloom to smooth down any fly aways and touch up some curls. I'm always a fan of dangly earring and updo's so I had to pair my style with this cute pair I got last weekend! 

dry shampoo

After another long day at my trade show and a two hour drive back to Red Deer, I was exhausted... but my hair didn't show it! My style still looked fresh and I easily could've gone for Sunday fun day, but I opted for some self care in my bath tub instead! 

AG hair

Overall I think this weekend sealed the deal on my relationship with AG's Coco & Bloom, you could say it's getting pretty serious ;) You can shop the entire AG Naturals line in a Chatters Hair Salon or here.  


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