National Pet Day

Kassidy Goodall April 09, 2019

To celebrate National Pet Day we decided it was best to host 'Bring Your Dog to Work Day' at Chatters Headquarters! We then dressed all of our pups up in some Style Happy bandannas for a quick photoshoot, because obviously that's what had to happen!! Check out some of our little angels that came in for a visit! 


"My dad Jamie is the Chatters Warehouse Manager! Although he's a big boss in the office, he has a soft spot for me!"

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"My mom Rachel is the Chatters Marketing Budget Coordinator. Even though my face might not show it, I had an amazing day at HQ cuddling my mom at her desk!"

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"My mom Kayla is a Distribution Category Manager at Chatters HQ! Me and my brother Louie had a really fun visit...until I had an accident on the floor :("

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"I'm Stella's brother! It was really embarrassing for me when Stella had an accident... I told her to go before we went inside!" 

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"My mom Alexis is a Distribution Category Manager at Chatters HQ! Some people say I'm a diva because my mom washes me with luxury Devacurl Shampoo & Conditioner (for humans) but I think it's necessary to make my curls look this good!"

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"My mom Kathy is the Customer Support Specialist at Chatters but you may know her as 'Clumsy Kathy'. Her and I are a lot alike and both have tons of energy!"

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"My mom Haley is a Marketing Associate at Chatters HQ, and trust me hunny this isn't my first photoshoot. You can follow my insta at @smolmolly"

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"My mom Kassidy is the Chatters Social Media Specialist...and she's also the one writing this article! My favourite place to hang out at Chatters Headquarters is under a cozy desk."

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Sandy, Brandy & Sheri

"Our mom Jeannine is the Director of Merchandising and Product Development! The three of us had a blast making tons of new friends at the office!"

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"My auntie Ashley is a Marketing Assistant at Chatters! I was the youngest pup to visit and got lots of attention!"

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"My mom Taylor is our Chatters Warehouse Packing Lead! I had a really tough time fitting on the boujee marketing couch, maybe you guys should invest in a nice sectional for me to lay on!"

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"My dad Jason is the CEO of Chatters! Even though he's super busy and travels a lot he still spends lots of time with me and my brother Bigly!"

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"I'm Pepsi's brother! Seeing my dad's big office and employees was so much fun! I can't wait for my mom to bring me in for another visit!"



"My mom Amie is an Accounting Technician at Chatters! I definitely want to come back soon and visit all the friends I made at Head Office!"

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"My mom Drew is a Payroll Accountant at Chatters! I love when my dad brings me and my sister Lola for visits!"

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"I'm Lilly's sister! If only my style happy bandanna were a little smaller..."

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We hope you enjoyed our little cuties and their style happy bandannas! If you're as much of a dog lover as we are we encourage you to support the SPCA by making a donation here. If you're interested in one of your own style happy bandannas for your pooch you can score a free one with a purchase of Unite Doggy Poo Shampoo at! 



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