Reasons Why You'll Love the Vibe Flat Iron

Lorie Knickle October 30, 2019

Why do customers and stylists love the Kenneth Bernard Vibe Flat Iron? Could it be its ability to transform coarse, curly hair into a smooth, shiny dream? Or how it glides through hair without snagging or pulling? Maybe it's how fast the plates heat to speed up your morning routine? There’s so much to love for this flat iron, but how exactly does it make styling such a breeze and exactly why is it the best flat iron currently on the market?

First let’s talk about why a high quality flat iron makes all the difference.

Simply put, a high quality flat iron makes styling easier with less risk of damaging your hair. Poor quality hair tools can damage delicate strands, leaving hair dull and unmanageable. When your flat iron is constructed from low quality plate materials, has inconsistent heaters and lacks important features, the result is uneven heat and snags. This leads to damage.

High quality tools use materials and technology to create your style while minimizing the risk of damage. The Vibe hosts a range of features that make styling fast and easy, without sacrificing the integrity of your hair. It was developed by Chatters Stylists with the desire to create a top quality iron that didn’t compromise their client’s hair, was easy to use and didn’t cost a fortune.

best flat iron

The magic starts in the plates. 

The Vibe’s plates are ceramic, a material known for its smoothness and ability to maintain even heat. Usually ceramic isn’t the best option for coarse or curly hair, which requires higher temperatures to style; however, the best Flat Iron (how we refer to it at Chatters HQ!) has unique features that work great on coarse, unruly hair without needing such high temperatures. Floating, vibrating plates promote even contact between plates and hair strands for even heat distribution, styling even the most stubborn hair. How exactly does this make styling easier? The vibration moves hair evenly through plates while the plates “float” or flex slightly to ensure all strands are heated evenly. The Twin Triac Heat System contains sensors in the plates to detect temperature fluctuations, immediately adjusting and maintaining consistent heat with every pass.

Speaking of heat, these plates heat up fast to get you styling in a flash! And if you forget to turn off your Vibe, it will automatically cool down automatically after an hour.

The Vibe is THE tool to give you multiple styles. The rounded 1” plates makes it a versatile option for creating straight and smooth styles, as well as curls and waves. And the swivel cord makes twisting and twirling easy, so go ahead and curl away!

Not only loved by Stylists, the Kenneth Bernard Vibe has many fans. It has earned a 5-star rating on Amazon! But don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our happy customers have to say:

“Would highly recommend! Makes your hair feel super smooth and shiny afterwards, and doesn’t pull your hair at all like some straighteners do.”

Madeline Q.

“I have owned many straighteners in my life and by far this is the BEST!! I have thick curly hair and this unit does not pull my hair at all! It leaves it shiny and smooth! I HIGHLY recommend it!!”

Leah L.

“This is by far the BEST flat iron available. I have tried many different brands, different types of plate materials, all recommendations from trusted sources and have never been satisfied to buy the same one twice. I absolutely LOVE this flat iron. It does not pull and tear my hair like the others, just a beautiful smooth finish. Highly recommend the Vibe, well worth the money!!”

Maureen B.

“The Kenneth Bernard Vibe flat iron is, hands down, the best straightener I've ever used. What's more incredible is the vibration function ACTUALLY works the way it's advertised and makes a difference - no jokes!

I've got that, wants to be curly but also wants to ruin your life with frizz type of hair - the Vibe actively helps remove frizz and leaves your hair incredibly soft with salon finished shine.

Another amazing aspect of this tool is how smooth the plates are - they don't pull or stress your hair the way other irons do and the heat is easily adjustable to suit your needs - finally a tool that takes care of your hair!

This is the first flat iron I've trusted to use on my disaster mane every day; straight, wavy, or runway curls, I always feel more confident that my hair is on point and healthy.

Point being, if I'm fitting only one item in my carry on.. its the Vibe.”

Brittany W.

It’s your turn to find out why the Vibe is a game-changer and the best flat iron currently available. See it in action below!


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