Ear piercing near me? YES! Now at all Chatters salons!

Heather PieperSeptember 12, 2019

Chatters is now your ear piercing headquarters! 

Wondering where to get your ear piercing done for free?  At Chatters, you get your ears pierced for FREE, with the purchase of earrings.  What do we promise to deliver with our ear piercing service? 

100% Nickel Free
Professionally Trained Technicians

ear piercing near me


We couldn't be more excited about this initiative.  We love that we are now able to offer our clients a full Chatters experience when getting their ears pierced.  Our professionally trained stylists are eager to help beautify you and help you define your style even more. Chatters has quickly become one of Canada's top ear piercing places.  Everything always - #StyleHappy

Proudly provided by Inverness - the most technologically advanced ear piercing system available.  All of our earrings are made with only the best materials available.  

We provide ear piercing services to children, women and men.  Kids will appreciate the environment that Chatters provides and as a parent, you can be rest assured that our experienced ear piercers know the right approach when helping their young clients on this exciting day!

So if you find yourself asking "Where is there ear piercing near me in Canada?" it's Chatters of course!

Book your appointment today!



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