Change Your Colour. EVERY. DAY.

Kathy Rivers July 02, 2019

Whaaaaaatttt! Girl, you crazy. There ain't no way.

If that's what you thought when you read the title - you would be WRONG-O. 
You CAN change your hair colour daily, or just enhance your current shade with what I'm about to share with you. Even if you have dark hair.

I know, I know - the last blog post you saw from me literally said "blondes have more fun".....
that was an incorrect statement.


Here's what you need to know about them:

  • Temporary, spray-in, wash-out hair colour that lasts until it's shampooed out of your hair
  • Comes in fun shades, and neutral tones (including copper!)
  • Formula also has a light/medium hold, like a hairspray
  • NO-TRANSFER! (won't bleed on your clothes, or on your hands every time you touch your hair!)
  • Try out a fun shade without the commitment
  • Enhance your current colour
  • Spray at your roots for a root touch up

OK so here's the thing. We have all used those awful dollar store/costume store colour sprays in bright green or blue or whatever you were trying to be that Halloween. 

These. Are. Not Them. 

KMS designed this product with the hair stylist in mind. The colours are gorgeous. The formula is salon-grade. And once it dries, the hairspray component of this stuff creates a sort-of "shield" around the hair. This means the colour doesn't get all over your life as you go about your day!

And I promise - it really does work on dark hair.

For example....

temporary hair color

I picked the lightest neutral shade they had and put it on my level 3 dark brown hair (level 1 is blackest-black for those who don't speak hair dresser).
I was SHOCKED! SHOCKED I TELL YOU! And super impressed of how I looked as a blonde.
So impressed that a month later I may have booked an appointment at the salon to do it for real...stay tuned for my next blog post on that journey!

To apply this as highlights like I did in the picture above, just pick up very small pieces and spray from the top to the bottom, focusing more on your ends than your roots. Make sure your hair is dry and styled beforehand - you definitely don't want to put a curling iron on your hair once it's covered in this stuff!

Pro Tip: Make sure you are in a well-ventilated area!

And if you're looking for something more funky (hello FESTIVAL HAIR!)...

festival hair

"But does it wash out or will it stain my blonde hair?"
Well as we found out with our one of our resident blondies in the picture above, it washes out in ONE wash with NO residue or staining whatsoever. Seriously.

This 90's-girl-temporary-hair-colour product of our dreams is available in-store at Chatters Salons across Canada, or online at, in these shades (along with many other fabulous KMS hair products):

Keep your eye out for some new shades coming to stores very soon!

Thanks for reading, fam. Stay Style Happy.


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