CLUBMAN Classic Barber Shave Cream

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This fine cream boasts an intoxicating, fresh scent, the perfect way to rouse your senses in the morning. Applied directly to your face, it reliably conditions and moisturizes, lending you a smooth, slick shave. While it provides a comfortable shave for all beard types, it also moisturizes your skin, reducing the chance of any rashes or cuts. Dramatically reduces dry skin, rashes, nicks and cuts, provides a protective barrier to improve razor glide.
Suitable for all beard types
Brings the barber experience to you!

* Note:  This is not a lathering brush cream.  It is a classic, hand applied moisturizing shave cream.  If you are looking for a lathering Clubman product try Clubman Shave Soap or Clubman Shave Lather.

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Product Form:
Shave Cream

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Product Form:
Shave Cream