A Beautiful Cause

For the last 5 years Chatters has devoted one day of salon services to two great charitable organizations. That’s over 100 salon teams of beauty consultants and hair stylists, working together to use their talents and enthusiasm for helping others. (Read More)

Our People

Chatters Salons are made up of teams of beauty consultants, retail and service managers, stylists and in some cases, Franchise owners. We bring together the talented, the unique and the creative. We really care about helping our beauty professionals grow in skills, experience friendship and happiness on the job and earn a great living too. (Read More)

Our News

Chatters is proud to be Canadian, with 108 locations spanning from BC to NFLD. By February 1, 2018 all Chatters Salons across the country will be a Green Circle Salon Partner. This means we are able to divert 95% of our waste from landfills and waterways, including hair, foils, and excess haircolour by-product. At Chatters Salons we believe in operating sustainable, and are doing our part to ensure clear air, clean water and clean soil for future generations. (Read More)