CLUBMAN Dab-On Nick Relief

SKU #: 180050001

Everyone has nicked themselves while shaving... But now you can avoid the mess, stop the bleeding fast, and eliminate the 'sting' (which so many other styptic pencils out there painfully produce). You don't need bandages and pieces of tissue paper sticking to your face any longer. Seal, assuage, and protect freshly shaved skin from further damage with Pinaud Clubman Nick Relief immediately on the first sign of a cut or razor nick. Sooth irritation and speed healing--this less-stinging and gentle liquid version contains witch hazel, the ingredient found in the solid pencil, and is alcohol-free. It's not usually healthy to feel a sting and for your skin to seize up when using traditional antiseptics and alcohol. Be gentle with your skin and caress cuts caringly with the recently introduced Pinaud Clubman Dab-On Nick Relief. It's like having your own facial paramedic right there!

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