Your Guide to Clippers, Razors and Nose Hair Trimmers

Lorie KnickleFebruary 18, 2020

With a lot of personal grooming options available out there, how do you figure out what you need? Like all tools, specific grooming tools make specific jobs easier, and perform with better results. So from larger tools, like clippers, to smaller ones, like nose hair trimmers, here is your guide to personal grooming tools.

Clipper Hairstyle


Clippers are used for longer, thicker hair, on areas where you don't need precise detailed cuts. Usually they are used for haircuts or to groom a longer beard. Clippers typically come in a set with various guard lengths and maintenance tools, such as oils and brushes. The size of the guard indicates the length of the cut. Clippers with a lever can be adjusted for more precise lengths.

For haircuts, you can use one guard length for an all-one-length cut, or you can use multiple lengths for a tapered cut.

    Maintain your clipper by oiling regularly to avoid pulling, snaging and rusting.


    nose hair trimmers


    Trimmers are best used to groom shorter hair and for fine detailed shaves and tight areas. They are not recommended for longer or thicker hair. Cordless options are great for ease of use, so you can work on details without the bother of a cord.

     Clean Shaven style


    Shavers are for those times when you want a clean-shaven look. They're best for close shaves and provide for a smooth finish.

    Ear or Nose Hair Trimmers:

    For particulary small areas, ear and nose hair trimmers get the job done. While not the most glamourous tool, they are ideal for removing unwanted hair quickly and discreetly.

    Nose Hair Trimmers

    Shop Clippers, Trimmers, Shavers and Nose Hair Trimmers and get your groom on!


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