Tousled Beach Waves & Baby Braids with LOMA

Katherine Gayle July 18, 2022

A nod to a simple but chic hair trend we've seen blowing up all across social media. Many celebrities have recently rocked this hairstyle, including Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner and Margot Robbie. This Tousled Beach Waves & Baby Braids hairstyle is a simple summertime look that is ideal for all hair types. It's quick, easy and will keep your hair soft and shiny for the entire day. Recreate this look at home using LOMA and Bio Ionic products!

Shop the products you’ll need to get the look:

 LOMA Leave-in Conditioner

LOMA Volumizing Foam

LOMA Nourishing Oil Treatment

Bio Ionic 10X PRO Ultralight Speed Dryer

Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron


Step 1: Apply LOMA Leave-in Conditioner to damp hair.

Step 2: Apply LOMA Volumizing Foam to the root area. For extra volume, bring down to the ends of the hair.

Step 3: Create a centre part, and with Bio Ionic 10X PRO Ultralight Speed Dryer, begin with a rough dry using fingers to build up volume. If your hair is naturally curly, air dry or diffuse with a blow dryer as you normally would.

Step 4: After drying the hair, take large vertical sections from the centre and insert Bio Ionic Long Barrel Curling Iron at mid-length. Curl all the way through to create soft waves.

Step 5: Use LOMA Volumizing Foam for extra hold, and split the two front pieces into small braids.

Step 6: Finish the look with LOMA Nourishing Oil Treatment.

Step 7: Finish the look with DevaCurl High Shine Anti-Frizz Nourishing Oil for added shine.

This hairstyle and how-to are created by Cindy Duplantis. Follow her on Instagram.

Shop more from the LOMA collection here!


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