Top 10 Hair Trends from the 2019 Grammy's

Kassidy Goodall February 11, 2019

The Grammys have managed to wow us all once again from the musical performances to all the drama...But at Chatters we're obviously focused on the HAIR! We saw tons of ponies, natural texture, and sleek bobs. We've collected our top 10 Grammy hair looks that really stood out and deserve an award all their own!

10. Camila Cabello

Hair Trends 2019

Kicking off our countdown with the gorgeous Camila Cabello. This loose pony styled with lived in waves is the type of relaxed vibes we're all about lately. Plus the curtain fringe really makes this look super on trend for 2019!

9. Tracee Ellis Ross

Hair Trends 2019

Onto number 9, we are living for this beautifully sectioned ponytail on Tracee Ellis Ross. Perfectly paired with her naturally textured braids and vibrant green blazer she is giving us elegant and modern Emerald City realness. 

8. BTS

hair trends 2019

Being the first Korean act to present a Grammy award wasn't their only accomplishment last night! With their rainbow coloured hues, of course BTS earned a spot on our countdown! Don't you think it would be fun to coordinate with your squad who will be rocking which pastel hue?

7. Chloe & Halle Bailey

hair trends 2019

We couldn't decide between Chloe's trendy dreadlock bangs and Halle's perfectly styled edges, so we decided to pair them up for our countdown. With their dramatic black gowns, these styles complimented their looks to perfection.

6. H.E.R.

hair trends 2019

Now you know H.E.R. rocked her classic natural textured look through all of her outfit changes and managed to make it look flawless from every angle. Sometimes all you need is a little curl definition cream and a trusty diffuser! 

5. Shawn Mendes

hair trends 2019

These perfectly coiffed wavy curls stopped our hearts last night on the red carpet. Shawn Mendes' natural texture is what any hairstylist lives for. Shawn, please tell us all your pomade styling secrets...or hook us up with your stylist!

4. Kacey Musgraves

hair trends 2019

Kacey stole the show in this vintage voluminous low pony. To recreate this look you'll need a smoothing shine serum or hair oil, a few clip in extensions for fullness, and a whole lotta backcombing!

3. Dua Lipa

hair trends 2019

When your outfit is as showstopping as the ones Dua wore, sometimes it's best to keep your hair simple with a polished bob. The sleek and shiny look totally complimented her bold dress choices. 

2. Ariana Grande

hair trends 2019

Although Ariana didn't physically attend the award show and chose to celebrate her win at home, what's a celebrity hair countdown without the famous Ariana ponytail. This girl nails this look EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and we can never get enough of it! 

1. Cardi B

hair trends 2019

You guessed it! Cardi has been on top of the world recently so of course it made sense for her to top our hair countdown. Throughout her costume changes she channeled modern, glam, classic, vintage and perfected her style every time. All of these styles have us convinced that Cardi is way better than OKURRR. 

What about you guys? What was your favourite look at this year's Grammy Awards? 



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Lindsey September 18, 2019

The wet hair look is hard to get with my thick hair. I love the the look and I think I should try again!

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