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Lorie Knickle September 10, 2019

Tuesday, October 1

Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy After Going Blonde

Last week we talked about going darker for fall, but what if you decide to go lighter? There are beautiful pale colours trending this season and we are loving the blondes and light pastels! If you are looking to lighten, check out these top tips for keeping your blonde on tone and your strands healthy.  
Blonde, Light Hair
If you haven't yet dived into blonde, keep in mind it may take multiple salon visits to get to your desired colour safely if your hair is quite dark. It is recommended that you lighten 2 or 3 levels per colouring session: any more than 3 levels in one visit may compromise the integrity of your hair. If your hair is dark it may take longer than someone with lighter hair that only wants to lighten by a few shades. 

Lets talk products!

First, understand lightening your hair changes the structure of your strands and alters the pH levels in your hair. This change means you'll need to treat your hair differently than you were before. The products that you had been using previously may not behave the same way on your new 'do. The best way to care for your fresh colour is by using professional, high-quality products. The pH levels in salon-grade products are the most gentle and nurturing for your freshly coloured tresses.

Lifting hair with peroxide (necessary for lightening your colour) adjusts protein which is the property that maintains strength and moisture. To replenish and restore, look for products that are richly protein infused and moisturizing. Without protein the moisture will not bind to your hair, so make sure you use products that will give you both benefits. Ingredients like keratin, silk, rice, wheat and oat proteins all help to rebuild and restore proteins. There are loads of masks, treatments and serums available at Chatters, and they are not all created equal. Stop by a salon to ask your Stylist or Beauty Consultant which products they recommend for your hair type. My personal favourite is Redken's Extreme collection, which is formulated with IPN, Redken's exclusive blend of proteins.
Another important product you need to maintain the health of your blonde hair is thermal protection. This helps minimize brassy tones caused by heat damage from hot styling tools. High temperatures can deplete toner and burn hair making thermal protection a very important component of keeping your blonde on tone. 
You can also try using a purple shampoo. For more info on purple shampoos, check out this article from our blonde bombshell Corine!
If you purchase a product that you feel is just not working for your hair type, don't despair! Chatters has an exchange policy which allows you to bring your product back in exchange for a different one. For more on the exchange policy, click here.
There are lots of great options for keeping your blonde beautiful! Now go on and slay that bombshell status!

Tuesday, September 23

Will You Damage Your Hair By Colouring It Darker?

Cooler temperatures have us dreaming of deep, rich hair colour. If you’ve been thinking about going darker, fall is the perfect season to dabble in darkness. In light of this recent change in season, you may be wondering “Will going darker damage my hair?” So let’s talk it out!
Dark Hair Colour, Fall Hair, Healthy
The short answer? Because your needs are completely dependant on the current state of your hair, your stylist will be able to recommend the best way to meet your hair goal with minimal damage. If you have hair that has never been coloured, your needs will be different than a person who colours their hair regularly. A stylist can help you determine a course of action to best protect the integrity of your hair based on your specific situation.
That's the short answer, but let’s take a closer look at the options available that might work for you.

First, let’s talk about the two types of hair colour: permanent and demi-permanent.

Permanent: this type of colour uses peroxide which causes the hair strands to swell. While this results in lasting colour, it also permanently changes the natural pigment of the hair. You want to use the minimal amount of lift needed, which is dependent on the state of your hair. The amount you need can best be determined by your stylist.
Demi-permanent: this type deposits colour without making strands swell. It contains no peroxide and doesn’t change the natural pigment of the hair. As a result it is best to use a demi-permanent on already lifted hair, though it can be used on other hair types in many cases. It's important to note that demi-permanents can only be used to darken hair and will not make hair lighter.

Hot Tip: Demi-permanent colour can last just as long as permanent if cared for properly.

If you are looking to go darker on previously-coloured hair, a demi-permanent like Redken Shades EQ may be a great option. With an already lifted cuticle, the colour can be deposited without lifting the cuticle further, and because strands are porous, they will soak up the colour quickly. Keep in mind, lifted hair can lose colour quickly if not maintained with colour protecting products.
Hot Tip: Boxed dye products are not recommended, because they tend to contain very high levels of lift in order to create the colour you see on the box, which results in damage.
Going darker can make hair look shinier, which can create the illusion of healthier hair. While beautiful and radiant, hair does not actually become healthier when coloured. Dark hair reflects light, so appears extra shiny, while light hair absorbs light and doesn’t create additional shine.

After colouring your hair that beautiful rich shade, it is super important to maintain it with colour-safe products. Make sure to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, thermal protection when heat styling, and if you can, wash less frequently and use dry shampoo to refresh between washes.

Click for recommended products for dark hair!

Products for Dark Hair

Tuesday, September 17

How to Style Coloured Hair Without Damage

Happy Tuesday beauties! Were you inspired by last week's chat about fall's top colour trends? Now that we're rocking the season’s sassiest new hues, we’re talking about how to make that colour last. More specifically, let's talk about how to heat style your coloured hair without damaging that gorgeous colour. Why is this so important? If you’ve coloured your hair, you know it took time, effort and money to create your stunning look. You want to protect your investment. You want it to last as long as possible. And you want your hair to stay healthy and happy. But you definitely want to show it off with a killer style.
Damage control is all about protecting your hair cuticle, shingle-like layers that coat the hair shaft. On healthy strands, the cuticle lays flat to protect the cortex where your colour is held. Sounds easy right? Protect your cuticle and your cuticle will protect your colour. But much like shingles on a roof, environmental stress can cause the shingles to lift. And even worse? High heat breaks down the colour molecules that are now exposed by the lifted layers. Temperatures over 350 degrees will damage colour, so we are going to look at ways to decrease the temperatures used in your styling routine.
Cutcile, Damage, Colour, Healthy
Let’s get styling!
Achieving style at lower temperatures starts in the prep work. If you use the right products and techniques from the start you won’t need a lot of heat to finish your look.
To start you need to know two things:
  1. What is your hair texture? Is it curly, coarse, fine or medium?
  2. What style do you want to achieve?
Now, prep for styling using products that work with your natural texture and help you create the style you’re after.
Start right in the shower with hair care suited to your texture and desired style. Are you going for a smooth straight look? Try a shampoo and conditioner that are formulated to relax coarse locks, like AG Hair’s Smoooth and Sleeek to cleanse and condition, or if you have fine hair look for a volumizing duo like Abba Volume shampoo and conditioner.
After stepping out of the shower apply a thermal protectant to damp hair. This is your number one defense against damage. It will coat your cuticle in lightweight protection, almost like a sunscreen, to block heat. Redken One United will not only give you heat protection, but also deliver 25 health-boosting benefits to help maintain a healthy cuticle and reduce the lift. If you feel you need more moisture, try a heavier cream-type protectant, like Redken’s Pillowproof Primer.
Next up, use a styler that will help you achieve your look. Once again, going for sleek? Try a straightening serum. Volume? A mousse or volume spray will help. The styling you use will be very dependant on your natural texture and your desired style, and there is an array of styling products suited to every hair type. If you need help deciding the right product for you, stop by a Chatters and chat with a Beauty Consultant or Stylist. They will be able to help you find the right product to achieve your style goals. Remember the right product now may not be the right product to use in a different season. Weather can play a large part in your hair's behaviour, so be sure to ask your Chatters pro which products will work in the current season.
Now, the blow out. Don’t be afraid of your hair dryer. If you air dry now and style with heat later it’s more likely you will need to increase the temperature of your hair tool to create your look. Instead, try using your hair dryer and a paddle brush to create a base before applying high heat. Using the paddle brush, grip hair and brush straight while blow drying, from root to tip. If you are aiming for volume, blow dry against the direction your hair will lay. Don’t shake or roughen your hair while drying as this creates frizz.
Once your hair is dry, use your styling iron to finish the look. Instead of using the iron from root to tip at high heat, try using a lower heat from mid-length to tip. Keep your hair tool away from your rootsthis will help keep the volume from your blow out from falling flat. At this stage, you can use a flat iron for a sleek look or a curling iron to create waves. Either way, you are prepped and ready. Just be sure to keep those temperatures as low as possible!

Finish your look with styling products that will lock in your style without re-applying heat. For sleek looks, try an oil or serum, preferably with frizz-fighting, humidity-blocking formulas. For volumized looks, try a dusting of Design.Me Puff.Me powder to stay lifted and textured.

Stylist Tip

To extend your blow out between washes, sleep with your hair in a loose bun to keep it off your neck where it will get oily and flat overnight. Try a KB Collection Traceless Hair Tie to hold your soft overnight updo.

Do you already have damage? Damaged hair appears flat, dull and unmanageable. It tends to be dry and frizzy, and won’t respond to styling or treatments. If your hair is damaged, your best option is a fresh trim to snip off damaged ends. You can also try protein-infused or ultra-moisturizing treatments to help restore the cuticle.

To sum it up:

Keep your cuticle healthy

Prep for your hair type and desired style

Protect your cortex and colour by using lower temperatures

Until next Tuesday, stay protected, healthy and always #stylehappy!

Tuesday, September 10

Fall Hair Colour Trends 2019

With the changing of the seasons, although we’re sad to see the hot weather go, it's a great time to start thinking about CHANGE: changing wardrobes, changing makeup and, most of all, changing hair colour!
Have you thought about your fall colour yet? This is a big question that I've been getting a lot! I just got back from seeing the trends at Toronto and New York Fashion Weeks, so I'm excited to share this season's trends with you (insert happy dance here)!
Cooler weather brings cooler hair, so here we go!
pastel hair maintenance maintain pastel hair
Faded Pastels
Seemingly timeless, pastels never go out of style. This season we are seeing really faded pastels, instead of saturated, all-over colour. We are leaning toward soft, almost-washed looks that can be blended with any colour, natural or otherwise.
Hair by @theonlyhairqueen
fall hair colour trends 2019
protect hair from damage style hair without damage
Antique Blonde
Like a tall glass of champagne, antique blonde is a delicate yet bubbly addition to Fall's palette. It's not icy like its cool platinum sister, nor as sunny as a golden blonde. The slight rosy blush tint casts a fresh take on blonde and we're loving it.
Hair by @ashligreyhairstylist
avoid damage to coloured hair
hair colour trends 2019 hair colour trends 2019
Living Coral
Pantone's Colour of the Year is never off base. Wear the colour of 2019 from washed and desaturated to iridescent and luminous apricot and you've got the hottest hue of the season.
Hair by @jessiestylist
style hair without damage
copper hair style hair without damage
Dusty Copper & Cinnamon
Once again muted is making a statement! We're seeing a less saturated take on the usual bright coppers we see in the Fall. It's a new way to rock a classic. Also very hot right now: spicy cinnamon ombrés and highlights are popping out on everyone from Beyonce to Jenna Dewan.
Hair by @beauty_bybailey_
fall hair colour trends 2019
damaged hair how to style coloured hair
Dark Blonde
This is an easy switch up for darker brunettes or lighter blondes. Dark blonde falls somewhere in between the two and is ultra-trendy right now. And it looks even better as your natural roots grow in, so it's perfect if you like to go a little longer between salon visits.
Hair by @teyasmith
fall hair colour trends 2019
balayage ombre
Dirty Brunette
Brunettes are running cold this season, and the dirty brunette is making a cool statement. This is the neutral that looks good on everyone. While cooler tones are definitely in you can warm this look up as well. Try adding face-framing warm hues or a warm balayage. Our recommendation? Cinnamon is an ultra-hot addition to brighten this look.
Hair by @nadiachatshair
fall hair colour trends 2019
violet hair purple hair
Deep Tones
Fall is notorious for inspiring rich tones. Plums and violets are so in right now, and this year they are taking inspiration from cooler temperatures with cool undertones.
Hair by @hairbyhailsdelee
Fall hair colour trends 2019
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Who is our expert?

hair salon near me Meet Cindy Duplantis, celebrity hairstylist and educator, who is strongly passionate about teaching her techniques to others. Her knowledge and experience is extensive. From working with Redken as an Educator, to creating runway looks at Fashion Weeks across the world, to styling on the Marilyn Denis show, she has serious chops. Her relatable and straightforward approach to styling is easy to follow and her advice is spot on. Be sure to follow her on social media and watch for her on Chatters Hair Salon channels for more great tips, tutorials and trends.


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