Styling Curly Hair: Use Your Fingers or a Brush

Lorie Knickle July 01, 2021

Did you know you can enhance your curls with just a finger? Or even the end of your hairbrush? With a little product and technique you can! Curl expert Angie Hunt shares cool tips for coiling your curls using these common items! 

Finger Coil Curls 

“This is a great way to bring out and define curls, especially if you have any "lazy curls" around your face that need some encouragement.” Angie says. Learn how to get rolling with her expert method! 

Styling Curly Hair - finger Wrap
Start by sectioning out a curl clump and wetting it with water and products – enough to stick to your finger. Angie loves DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel.
Styling Curly Hair Roll Up
Using your pointer finger on each hand, roll up the section from end to root, holding with your thumbs as you go.  
Styling Curly Hair release
Release the roll the opposite way.
Styling Curly Hair Cupping

Scrunch lightly using a cupping motion.

Admire your defined coil! 

Coiled Curls Using a Brush 

You can also create defined curls using the handle of a hairbrush! The trick is in the flick of your wrist. 

Start by applying the DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel to wet curls. 

Using your fingertips, gently shake a section of hair to allow curl groupings or families to pop out.  

curly hair tutorial

Take a curl group and your brush. Instead of holding the brush horizontally and brushing downward, which can make curls fall flat and create frizz, hold the brush vertically and collect the end of the curl group in the bristles, spinning it around until the curl coils around the brush all the way up the handle. 

curly hair tutorial

Remove the brush by using a spinning motion to keep the coil shape as you remove. 

curly hair tutorial

Scrunch the curl up using a cupping motion with your hand. 

Admire your defined coil! 


Have fun curling and coiling!

These fabulous methods are brought to you by:

Angie Hunt
Elite Stylist  
Texture Specialist, Deva Dry Cuts 
Chatters Empress, Winnipeg  

Elite Hair Stylist

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