How to Style Short Wispy Hair

Lorie Knickle November 02, 2020

No doubt about it, short hairstyles are fun, sassy and full of personality! From pixie cuts, to curly crops, to short, shaggy, wispy hairstyles, fleeting lengths make a statement. Whether you are looking to chop your long locks or need some inspiration to make your short style stand out, here’s the chatter on short styles!

Hair Cut Considerations

Making the cut? It can be intimidating to lop off your length, especially if you’ve had long hair for a long time. But going short has its perks. Think faster washing and drying, less product, less tangles and oh yeah: super cute! While there are no hard and fast rules to going to short, there are a few things to consider to help you decide.
Hair Texture: Whether you have thick coils or fine strands your hair’s texture will play a big part in the shape of your cut.
Maintenance: While short hair seems like it will require less maintenance, it can require more frequent trims than longer cuts.
Face Shape: While short hair can work on any face shape, different cuts can help bring out certain features or downplay others.
If you are thinking about making the chop but aren't too sure if short hair is for you, there's a measuring test that can help. To try this quick trick, hold a ruler vertically directly under your ear and a pencil horizontally right underneath your chin. If the measurement from your earlobe to the point of your chin is less than 5.5 cm it strongly indicates that a short hairstyle will suit you; if it’s longer than 5.5 cm, a longer haircut might be the better way to go. This is a helpful tool to determine whether a short cut will flatter your face shape, but it's not the be-all, end-all test. If you have a longer face shape there might be other layering options available that will work better for you!
Short wispy hairstyle measurement
Booking a consultation with your stylist to go over your options is the best way to find the best length for your locks. Your stylist will be able to accentuate and flatter your unique features, as well as work with your hair type and face shape. Book now!



Short wispy hairstyle pixie cut
Perfectly short and and wispy, this pixie cut was created by Barby Cabello Galvez (@barbyloveshair) at Chatters Polo Park.
Short, wispy hairstyles, like this pixie cut, can be a cinch to style.

The stylist behind the style, Barby Cabello Galvez (@barbyloveshair) from Chatters Polo Park gives this advice: “I recommend Redken Wax Blast. Make sure hair is dry first, spray in the product and then heat the product with a quick 7 second blow dry, moving hair as desired. I like to create extra texture and movement by picking out pieces using a twisting motion.”

Short wispy shaggy hairstyle
Pop that personality! This style was created by Leah Shields (@lcs.hairdesign) at Chatters Kamloops Summit Centre.
Stylist Leah Shields (@lcs.hairdesign) at Chatters Kamloops Summit Centre shares her styling technique for ultra-trendy short styles: “I recommend a texture powder (Design.Me Puff.Me is my fave) and a texture spray (I'm a big fan of Sexy Hair Play Dirty Dry Wax). Another hot tip is to use undercuts to collapse a shape and give it some edge. Working with disconnections can create unique shapes and keep things interesting!” 
Stylist Rocelyn from Chatters in Southland Mall Regina also recommends Design.Me Puff.Me to style short hair. "Product is key!" shares Rocelyn, "My favourites for styling short hair are mousse, a texture spray, and the Design.Me Puff.Me powder!" Design.Me Puff.Me Texturizing Spray is a great pick, as well as Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse, to build body and volume.
Styling short curly hair can be a cinch with Ouidad’s Climate Control Restore and Revive Bi-Phase. Simply spray on wet hair and scrunch product in for frizz-free curls. Works great on second-day hair to smooth curls that may have gotten roughed-up and frizzy overnight.

To bring out curls in a wavier texture, try this finger diffusing method shared by Loma. Work Loma Volumizing Foam into towel-dried hair concentrating on the roots. For definition and frizz-control work a cocktail of Loma Curvy Creme and Calming Creme from the mid-lengths to the ends of hair using a scrunching motion from. Gathering your hair into your hand, spread your fingers wide to allow air flow and blow dry with high heat and low power. Continue until hair is 90% dry.  Scrunch curls or waves into desired shape and finish with a light spritz of Loma Texture & Finishing Spray.


All the Inspo 

Unsure about going short? Check out the amazing haircuts our stylists across Canada have been creating. Warning: you'll be in for serious short hair envy!
Short wispy hairstyles
Living for this transformation performed by Leah Shields (@lcs.hairdesign) at Chatters in Kamloops Summit Centre in BC.
Short wispy shaggy hairstyle
This lovely rose-gold crop was created by Stylist Erin Primrose (@Primrose.Hair) at Chatters Park Place in Lethbridge, AB.
short curly hairstyle
Working that beautiful texture with this style from Leah Shields (@lcs.hairdesign) at Chatters in Kamloops Summit Centre in BC.
short wispy hairstyle
That colour, that cut! Heart eyes for this beauty look created by Kenzi (@stylebykenzi) at Chatters in Southland Mall, Regina SK.
short wispy shaggy hairstyle
Wisp me away! This look was created by Rocelyn Hodson (@beautybyrocelyn) at Chatters in Southland Mall Regina, SK. She used a razor technique to get that perfectly wispy finish.


The long and the short of it? Cropped styles can really add a lot of personality to your style. Book an appointment at your nearest Chatters to make your short hair dreams come true. Happy cropping!



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