Self-Care during Self-Isolation: At Home Waxing

Kathy Rivers March 30, 2020

Whether we are self-isolating, working remotely, taking two weeks away or social distancing at work on the front lines in an essential industry, it is so important that we all take some time for ourselves and remember that we need to show some self-love. 

Meditating, journaling, yoga, intense exercise, stretching, eating right, enjoying a hobby or trying something new are all ways we can show our minds and bodies self-care and love. What about getting pampered from home? Time to treat yo'self!  You have the time to indulge in that now more than ever! Let's explore at-home waxing together to get all the details smoothed out.

Basic Instructions for At-Home Waxing 

Step 1: 

Prep the area you wish to wax by cleaning it thoroughly. You want to make sure you are working with an area free of dirt, dust or oils. Try the GiGi Pre-Hon Lotion.

 Sanitize Wax


Step 2: 

Lightly dust the area with powder to absorb any residual moisture. I used GIGI Pre-Epilation Dusting Powder. This step will help the wax adhere to the hairs.

 Waxing Powder


Step 3:

Apply the wax with an applicator in 1-2 inch wide sections, and as long as 4 inches. Apply it in the same direction as the hair grows. I used the GiGi Wooden Applicators, pre-heated GiGi Azulene Wax warmed in a GiGi Wax Warmer. Read the instructions on each wax before using it. Different kinds call for different heat to reach the prime consistency.

 Apply the Wax


Step 4: 

Apply the muslin strip to the wax and vigorously rub for a few seconds to keep the wax from crystallizing. I used the GiGi Natural Muslin Strips

  Wax Strip


Step 5:

While holding the skin taught at the bottom of the strip, quickly pull on the strip so it is coming off in the opposite of the hair growth. One, two, three, RIP IT! 



Step 6: 

Repeat steps 3-5 over the entire area you wish to remove hair from. Be careful not to wax the same area twice and make sure you are holding your skin taught! You got this! 

Self-Care During Self-Isolation

FAQ on At-Home Waxing

Is waxing bad for your skin? 

Waxing isn't bad for your skin if it is done properly. Cleanliness, professional and suitable products, patience and care/maintenance have a huge impact on whether your wax is worth it. 

Make sure the area of your home you are waxing in is CLEAN! During the waxing process, your skin is in a very vulnerable place, especially when it comes to bacteria and possible irritations. A clean area can help reduce the risk of post-wax problems. Always start by cleaning your skin with GiGi Pre-Hon Lotion (also available with other products in the GiGi Epilating Lotion Trial Pack)

Make sure the products you are using are suitable for the type of hair removal you are doing. Do not use body, facial or intimate hair removal products on places they are not specific to. Make sure you read all the instructions before you begin your wax. 

And, take proper post-wax care! Prevent ingrown hairs, red bumps, and irritation by using the right products. Chatters has you covered!

How to reduce redness after waxing? 

Reduce redness and discomfort with GiGi Skin Calming Lotion. Bumps, ingrowns and irritations can say "bye-bye" after the rip with GiGi No Bump Scrub.

Remove excess wax from your skin with GiGi Post Epilating Lotion or GiGi Wax Off and from your waxing pot with GiGi Sure Clean.

Does waxing hurt? 

Waxing hurts less when you have fine hair or thin hair, so this answer varies depending on your hair and your pain tolerance.

Minimize the misery with Satin Smooth Lavender with Chamomile Wax which helps calm the hair follicles and skin prior to waxing. 

Hang in there, sis! The results are worth the temporary discomfort! 

How long does it take to wax your legs? 

The larger the area and the thicker the hair being removed, the longer it will take. Full legs could take up to an hour depending on the hair type, but underarms or upper lip won't be as long. If you want the quick and easy way out, try the GiGi Simply Shower Off Hair Remover for Body or GIGI Simply Brush on Hair Remover for Face. These products have a really funky smell while you are using them that is totally normal; don't worry, the smell doesn't last after washing and you are trading the pain for the funk, so embrace it!

How long does waxing last? 

You guessed it: it varies person to person! If you are the type of person who has to shave every other day to have consistently smooth skin, you could be looking at 4-6 weeks. It lasts longer with finer/thinner hair types. Don't be "peanut butter and jealous" of the fine haired folk, though! 

Hinder the re-growth with the GiGi Slow Grow Maintenance Lotion!

Is it worth it to wax? 

YES! Waxing will help take the stubble stress out of any routine, so you can fit in all that our Canadian Mother Nature can give with smooth and silky legs! BRING IT ON! 

The kit with everything you need: 

GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit

GiGi Mini Pro Kit

Pre-waxed strips (no wax, warmer, applicators, or other muslin strips needed): 

GIGI Hair Removal Strips For The Face

GIGI Hair Removal Strips For The Body


Check out our full collection of hair removal products that'll make you WANT to rip your hair out during your social distancing! 


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