Mom Hair, Don't Care

Kathy Wamboldt April 30, 2019

Sometimes I wake up an hour before my daughter and have time for myself to shower, put on my makeup, do my hair, clean, do laundry, make breakfast, get dressed, walk the dog, work out, answer emails or call my parents. Some mornings, I wake up to the sound of her crying to get out of the crib and realize I pressed the stop button instead of snooze and now I have 30 minutes to get her and myself ready and out the door. But let's be honest - more often than not, it is the latter. 

I am here to show you a few tips on how to QUICKLY get a hot look together on a mom’s fast-paced timeline (even if you don't have any kids) that will keep your long or medium length hair out of your face without having to get the chop. Mom hair, don't care! Although these styles were done on long hair, they can be adapted for shorter hair, too! Let's do this! 


Pardon my French Top Knot

French braid into top knot - style with an accidental curse word optional. 


Step One: French braid the mo-hawk section of your hair and secure with a small elastic. 

Step Two: Bring all your hair up and tie with your favorite KB Traceless Hair Tie.

Step Three: Twist your hair clockwise until it coils into itself and tuck the end into your hair tie. 

Step Four: Pin down any stubborn areas of the bun. BONUS: If your kids see you do this step - they will know what happens to things that get out of line. 

Time to complete: 2 minutes and 40 seconds.


Fake It 'til You Make It Braid

As seen originally on @hairbykeltie's Instagram (but tell the other drop off moms that you made it up yourself  - we have all borrowed a recipe or two off Pinterest, right? Same thing). 


Step One: Start with two small sections stacked on top of each other. Split the top section in two and wrap these pieces around the bottom section. Make sure to grab more hair from the sides and secure with a small elastic underneath the bottom section.

Step Two: Repeat the first step with your new sections, making sure to gather more hair from the sides for each new tie. Continue down to the nape of your neck until you have gathered all your hair in your faux braid.

Step Three: Use the same steps from above without having to gather new hair in your ties. Continue to the end of your hair's length. 

Step Four: Tug on each section to make sure the braid looks full and that it can handle a grabby toddler.   

Time to complete: 4 minutes and 52 seconds.


Don't Make Me Count to 3 Pony

Low pony that's been pulled through three times; or as many times as your patience can handle. 


Step One: Take the top 1/3 section of your hair and secure with an elastic about an inch or two away from your scalp. 

Step Two: Flip the pony up and then back down through the gap between the elastic and your scalp. Tighten elastic slightly. 

Step Three: Repeat this step two more times making sure to include the hair from the previous pony in your elastic. Finish the last pony tail with a KB Traceless Hair Tie or KB Scrunchie (if your daughter hasn't lost all your scrunchies yet).

Step Four: Wrap a small section of your pony tail around the hair tie and tuck the end piece in with the rest of the pony. Skip this step if you used a scrunchie.

Time to complete: 2 minutes and 10 seconds.


A Twisted Tail

A pony with a twist that takes less time than a made-up bedtime story. 

Step One: Tie your hair up with your fave KB Scrunchie.

Step Two: Section hair in two and twist each section clockwise while you twist them together counter clockwise. It sounds tricky but you have changed your toddler's nasty diaper in a tiny bathroom stall - you got this! 

Step Three: Check your pony and check any pieces that stand in the way of your fabulosity with a bobby pin or your favorite hairspray. 

Time to complete: 1 minute and 50  seconds.


Bun and Done

Dutch braid low knot - I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom! 


Step One: Dutch Braid (like a French braid but the sections go under instead of over top) your hair down the back of your head and secure braid with a small tie.  

Step Two: Wrap hair around into a bun and secure with a KB Traceless Hair Tie

Step Three: Bobby Pin your bun until it feels secure enough to handle your toddler. 

Time to complete: 3 minutes and 20 seconds.


Whatever happens, you got this, mama! Happy Mother's Day! 




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