The Original Makeup Eraser: Magic in the Microfiber

Amie Smid March 05, 2019

Whether you are coming home from a special event or just cleansing your face after a long day, having a product that can thoroughly remove all surface residue is very important. Having a good skincare routine is vital to the health of your skin; not only will it prevent blemishes but it also helps maintain elasticity and a younger looking complexion.

Most people assume you need to start with something abrasive or strong to remove tough makeup, especially waterproof mascara and long wear lipstick. I am here to tell you, all you need is this amazing cloth!

I am beyond in love with The Original Makeup Eraser. This product is a microfiber face cloth, very gentle on your skin but gets the job done! It is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial so you don’t have to be afraid to give it a shot, even if you have sensitive skin. Just be sure you wash your Makeup Eraser regularly. This product, if cared for properly, should last you 3 – 5 years.


Step 1 Prewash

Remove Makeup

Before you use your Makeup Eraser cloth for the first time, be sure to machine wash it.

Hot Tip! When Machine washing your Makeup Eraser, use a gentle cycle and DO NOT put the cloth in the dryer or use bleach. Always Hang Dry to avoid fiber fall out and pilling.


Step 2 Soak

Makeup Eraser

First you start by soaking the cloth in warm water, NO Soap! (saving $). This product is perfect on its own and you do not need any cleansers or makeup remover.


Step 3 Cleanse

After the cloth is soaked, ring it out and use the softer, plush side to gently wipe off makeup. One helpful tip I used was rubbing in a circular motion, especially on lipstick and mascara! Apply gentle pressure around your eyes - if you are scrubbing, you risk losing eyelashes and you can breakdown the collagen around your eyes.

Step 4 Exfoliate 

Makeup Eraser

Once you have removed most of your makeup and your face is clean, you can flip the cloth over to the side that has the tag and exfoliate your skin further. Again, apply light to medium pressure in circular motions to avoid damaging your skin. 


Step 5 Rinse 

Makeup Remover

After you have removed all surface residue, simply rinse your face with warm water and proceed with any after cleansing products you use. 


This product will be a game changer when added to your skin care regime, be sure to head into a Chatters near you or online at and pick up your very own Makeup Eraser and experience the Magic in the Microfiber! 



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