Loma: Naturally-Inspired, Organically-Infused Products

Lorie Knickle March 05, 2020

Did you hear the latest buzz? Loma is now available at Chatters Hair Salons all across Canada! Although fairly new to our shelves, Loma has been developing wholesome, pure products for their clients for years. Here at Chatters we are proud to partner with Loma and pleased to give our guests and customers a clean, natural option to care for and style their hair.

Loma Hair care

Delivering pure, simple hair and beauty is no simple process! The experts at Loma take great care to ensure every step of product creation is clean and sustainable. From packaging to product, all materials are carefully studied and collected to ensure no harmful materials have been used. There are so many reasons to love Loma. Let’s look at the highlights!


Founder David Hanen, an innovator of product formulation, leads by example. David is passionate about formulating products that blend health and beauty to help you both look and feel good.


Naturally inspired, organically infused: this is the basis on which Loma is founded. Organic ingredients are used whenever possible and all ingredients are sourced from like-minded partners to ensure quality and authenticity.


There are 24 vegan products in the Loma lineup, with the exception of the beeswax used in Fiber Putty and Forming Paste. Knowing bees have a huge impact on our ecosystem, Loma sources its beeswax from hives that take care not to harm their bees. Loma never tests on animals.

Loma Naturally Inspied


As one of the premier companies to use aloe gel as a base for their products, Loma leads the way by incorporating this soothing, healing moisturizer. Aloe naturally has a pH level similar to hair, which is ideal for maintaining balance in your hair and scalp. 

Loma organically infused


The water used in Loma products is sourced locally, just 9 miles from the manufacturing facility and is found in one of the cleanest sources in the world.  


Packaging is recyclable and uses a minimum of 25% post-recycled plastic. The manufacturing facility generates very little waste because everything can be recycled and is recycled, from raw material drums to cardboard and plastic.


Loma calls Monroe, Washington home. Formulating, manufacturing and filling of products all take place in-house. Ingredients, printing and packaging, etc. are kept as close to home as possible.

Natural Products


Only pure essential oils, botanical extracts and natural aromas are used to create Loma’s scents.

Free From

Paraben, Sodium Chloride, Gluten, Soy, Sulfate-free cleansing

There are so many reasons to love Loma products, and my favourite? They just plain work! 

Shop the Loma Collection for naturally beautiful hair.

Loma Natural Hair Products


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