LifeSTYLE: Cute Hairstyles - Casual Friday Edition

Lorie Knickle May 10, 2019

IIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiit's Friday! 

Cue happy dance, it's party time.

But first? Make it through the work day, looking and feeling good!

Friday, for me, usually means breaking out of the usual 9-5 wear. This particular Friday, I wanted to look put together but a little laid back. Need a little Friday hair inspo? Here's what I did to get my look!

The Gear:

Hair Products 

The Process:

Today, to start with a really clean slate, I used Abba Detox Shampoo followed by Abba Volume Conditioner. I use the Detox Shampoo approximately every three suds sessions to get rid of leftover styling residue and oils. Washing my hair every other day tends to lead to product buildup, and this shampoo works extra hard to break it down and leave my hair feeling extra fresh. It also leaves my scalp feeling balanced - neither tight and dry or oily. I highly recommend if you tend towards the oily side (like myself).  

After showering, I used Mizani 25 Miracle Milk as a leave-in treatment plus heat protectant. I brushed the treatment through with my Wetbrush - my favourite for detangling wet hair and followed up with golf ball sized amount of Moroccanoil Volumizing Mousse - trying to apply mostly to my roots working through to the ends.

Next up, time to blow dry! I used high heat with a diffuser, once again concentrating on the roots and then drying the ends. The diffuser + mousse really pump up the volume in my usually flat hair.

I then curled my hair loosely with my Kenneth Bernard Vibe 1" Flat Iron. To break up the curls I first run a bit of Moroccanoil Lite on my hands and then rub through my hair, dragging my fingers through to loosen the curls to a more relaxed wave.

I finished with a spray of Moroccanoil Luminous Firm Hold Hairspray and off to work I go!

Sometimes cute hairstyles can fall flat through the day (especially in oily hair types like mine) so I touched up with a bit of Kenneth Bernard Dry Clean Dry Shampoo.

To finish my look I dressed in a simple, neutral palette with comfortable black flats adding a little drama with a dark lipstick. To take this look into the weekend, I'll switch out my flats for a pair of sassy, bright coloured heels!

Cute hairstyle


Hair products I used:

Wetbrush - Limited Edition Organic Swirl in Teal
Universal diffuser



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Heather June 18, 2019

These style tips are so helpful – I love your red hair! Everyone should have a wet brush

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