How to Use Hairspray: Top 5 Ways

Lorie Knickle December 16, 2019
Hairspray is a style staple. It has been the go-to styling product for stylists, fashionistas and anyone looking to tame their mane since the 1920s. It’s hard to imagine life without it! Having a bad hair day? Hairspray to the rescue! Frizz? Gone. Static? Buh-bye. Flyaways? Hold them down. Unmanageable? Mold it into shape. You get the picture. Simply put, hairspray is a necessity. But have you been using it to its fullest potential?
Hairsprays of the past were crunchy and stiff, mostly used as the last step in holding a style together. But now, there are many types of hairsprays that can be used so many ways. There are still firm hold varieties available, that keep your style held high all day. But there are also lighter hold sprays that allow for touchable control. New to the spray family are texture sprays that give a beachy, lived-in look.
Because of its versatility, today I'm going to talk about medium-hold hairspray. It gives the touchable, brushable control that makes styling much easier and can be used in so many ways! To demonstrate, I am using Sebastian Shaper, a fan-favourite, professional hairspray. It is a popular choice, mainly due to its high performance and also because of its easy-on-the-budget price point. I'm putting it to the test in my top 5 ways to use hairspray.

1. Creating Volume

Hairspray Volume
Hair feeling flat and lacking that oomph? Get big hair energy with a blast of hair spray (and maybe a little backcombing too!) Flip your head upside down and spray hair from underneath. Then (when you are right-side up) section hair starting at your crown and lightly spray from your roots to mid-shaft. Hold the section up until dry and then lightly backcomb the roots. Continue in sections all around your head and then lightly comb down to smooth without patting down the volume you’ve created. Hot Tip: Don’t spray the top of your hair - it could add too much weight and flatten your volume, especially if you have fine hair.

2. Holding a Slick Updo

Hairspray updo ponytail sleek

Probably the most classic use of hairspray is holding an updo in place! But there are a few other ways hairspray can help you style an updo. To create a slick look, like this high ponytail, try first spraying all of you hair lightly. This will give some control and keep your ponytail in place. Brushing your hair flat along your scalp, gather hair into a high ponytail at your crown. Spray your hair brush with hairspray to brush into your ponytail to help flatten and control the little baby hairs and flyaways. Once you have all the bumps flattened and smooth, wrap the base of your ponytail with a hair tie and secure tightly. Pull a strand of hair from the ponytail to wrap around the elastic and then secure with a hairsprayed bobby pin (more on this in #3). Spray all over to hold everything in place. If any little flyaways pop up on the sleek section, spray a comb or your fingertips with hairspray and very lightly smooth the problem area working from front to back.

3. Holding Hair Accessories in Place

Hairspray hairstyle bobby pins hairstyle
Remember in step 2 when I mentioned hairspraying your bobby pin? It's a great little trick to keep them in place! Spraying your hair accessories gives them extra grip so they don't slip or slide through the day. So, for budge-proof bobby pins, spray them lightly with hairspray, let them dry slightly and slide into your tresses for a style that lasts.

4. Creating Texture

Hairspray Texture Waves
There are sprays that you can use specifically to create texture, but you can get the look with your medium-hold hairspray as well! If your hair is pin-straight (like mine — zero texture over here) you will want to get out your flat iron for this look. Not all hairsprays work well with hot tools. Some hairsprays get tacky when heat is applied, but Sebastian Shaper holds up quite well. Spray your hair lightly with hairspray and brush through. Take your flat iron and create loose waves, changing direction as you work in sections around your head. Then tousle your hair while spraying, lightly lifting with your fingertips and spraying the underside. Once hair is fluffed, lightly twist pieces to give definition and get that perfectly undone look. 

5. Controlling a Blowout

Hairspray Blowout hairstyle
Usually hairspray is used on dry hair, but Shaper also works great on damp hair! It helps to give you control with your blowout and styling once hair is dry. Spray liberally on damp hair and blowdry with a round brush. Layer after drying your hair for even more control for more demanding styles that need a little extra. 

I hope you have fun trying these top 5 ways to use hairspray.

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Ginette losier April 21, 2021

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