13 Scrunchie Hairstyles with our KB Scrunchies

Kassidy Goodall April 15, 2019

If you know me, you KNOW I'm an OG scrunchie junky! I'm so obsessed with our KB Scrunchies that I decided to start capturing all of my favourite looks that I've seen around Chatters with them! There truly are 999 ways to style your KB Scrunchies so check out some of my personal faves. 

The Classic Messy Bun


Product expert Maddie from Chatters HQ can be seen most days rocking a messy bun with our new spring collection KB Hair Scrunchies to accessorize.

Layered Twisted Pony

hair scrunchies

To recreate this look by Cia at our St. Albert location, simply section hair into 4 sections, create your first pony on the top of your head and split your hair down the middle of the pony above your scrunchie, flip your tail over top and through the gap, then repeat down each section! 

Half Up Ponytail

Here's my go to way to style my scrunchies! After a long day this is how I get my hair out of my face while still keeping some length! Every time my mom sees this look she HAS to tell me she was way ahead of the trends and show me pics of her rocking this style in the 80s.

Upside Down Braided Bun

scrunchies canada

Our Graphic Designer Lorie rocked this adorable bun with a lil' braided detail. To recreate this look, flip your hair over, french braid the back, secure your pony with a traceless tie, then create a messy bun on top using your KB Scrunchie! 

Bubble Braided Pigtails

This is a really fun and easy way to spice up your look if you've got super long locks! Check out how our Online Shopping Manager, Heather, Styles our girl Maddie!

Half Up Top Knot

Another super easy schrunchie hairystyle! Kayla from Chatters Product Distribution styles Lorie up real nice. 

Double Braided Top Knot

easy hairstyles

Another adorable style created by Cia in St. Albert! Simply braid two sections of hair at the crown and secure into a messy top knot for this schrunchie hairstyle.

 Side French Braid

french braid tutorial

Check out how Heather styles her bestie Clare with a side french braid and our trusty KB Scrunchies!

Low Pony with Braided Detail


Cia has been killing it with all these looks! This one is super easy to achieve, just braid a two inch section of hair on the side of your head, then gather all the hair back into a low pony!

Layered Faux Hawk

Heather made my hair look dope with this super easy faux hawk and our Spring Collection KB Scrunchies

Space Buns

scrunchie hairstyles

Our girl Kayla from Distribution is lookin' real spacey with this look. All you gotta do is take your comp and split your hair right down the middle, then secure your hair into two messy buns with your matching KB Scrunchies! 



For someone that's all about doing the most.. of course our girl Kathy from Customer Service had to wear ALL our KB Spring Collection Hair Scrunchies

Now to Challenge you "Hair Experts"...The Leaning Tower of Scrunchies!

hair ties

How many scrunchies can you fit?! Tag us @chattershairsalon for a chance to be featured using your favourite KB Hair Scrunchies! Show us your #StyleHappy!  


You can shop these bomb scrunchies in salons or at Chatters.ca here! Only $9.95 for a pack of 4!!!


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