How to Choose the Right Hairbrush

Lorie Knickle November 01, 2019

Hairbrushes seem like simple science. Purchase a bristled, handheld device that will rid your hair of knots and tangles - it sounds easy right? But not all brushes are created equal. Get the right brush or comb for the task and your styling will be quicker and easier, with better results. 

And oh, there are options. Like, a lot of options. The shape, size and material all play a part in your best hair day. So what will work best for you? Time to brush up on brush basics! Here's how to choose the right hairbrush.


 Cricket Paddle Brush


Paddle brushes can grip a large section of hair and distribute the strands enabling air flow contact when blowdrying. They help speed up blowdry time and create tension for sleek styles. You can also create volume during blowdrying by brushing in the opposite direction you want your hair to lay.

One to Try: Cricket Visage Paddle Brush

Cricket Round Brush


Round brushes create big bouncy volume making them a great blowout companion. They come in many sizes and materials - use a small barrel on short hair and a large barrel on long hair.

One to try: Cricket Technique Microban Brush

Cricket Sculpting Brush


The smaller paddle gives better maneuverability when blowdrying and styling.

One to try: Cricket Static Free Sculpting 680 Brush

Teasing Brush


Back combing dry hair with a teasing brush gives big, puffy volume.

One to try: Cricket Amped Up Teasing Brushes

Wetbrush Detangler


Glides through tangles in wet hair easily and pain-free.

One to try: Wetbrush Go Green Detangler

Thermal Round Brush


Heats up and holds heat while blowdrying to help set your style.

One to try: Cricket Alumilite Thermal


Static Free Round Brush

Static Control

Materials that decrease static are particularly helpful during cold, dry winter months. Look for tourmaline, carbon and oil infusions that help ionize when heated for the best static reduction. More on materials below!

One to try: Cricket Static Free Round Brush

Cushion Hair Brush


Cushions are added to various types of brushes to allow greater flexibility while brushing. This helps reduce damage and is great for delicate scalps that are prone to irritation.

One to try: Dannyco Large Paddle Brush 

Wetbrush Vented Brush


Vents are added to many different types of brushes to allow greater air flow when blowdrying. This helps speed up dry time for faster styling!

One to try: Wetbrush Pro Flex Shine


Wide Tooth Comb


Wide-tooth combs are great for working though unruly tangles without stretching and breaking strands. Use to carefully comb through conditioner, hair masks or treatments for in-shower detangling!

One to try: Cricket Ultra Smooth Coconut Wide Tooth Comb

Hair pick


Gently detangle, shape and lift curls and coils with a pick! The wide teeth won't snag or pull out curls, leaving them intact and voluminous.

One to try: Cricket Friction Free Hair Pick

Rattail Comb


The pointed end of the rattail comb is great for creating sections, while the comb end smooths and shapes your style. They're widely used for colouring to section and lift.

One to try: Cricket Silkomb Pro Rattail

All purpose comb

All-Purpose Cutting/Styling

Just like it sounds, this type of comb is used widely by stylists for cutting and smoothing. Finer teeth are best on finer hair, and more coarse or unruly types benefit from the wider teeth.

One to try: Cricket All Purpose Cutting Comb

Cutting Comb

Shear Over Cutting Control 

The unique shape allows for greater control when using certain cutting techniques.

One to try: Cricket Silkomb Pro Control Cutting Comb


Tourmaline Brush


This gemstone is often added to styling tools to create ions that reduce static in the hair.

One to try: Wetbrush Tourmaline Blow Out Brush

Ceramic Brush


Heats up and holds heats from your blowdryer to help set your style. 

One to try: Cricket Fini Round Brush

Carbon Comb


This light yet durable material also helps reduce static.

One to try: Cricket Carbon Comb

Boar Bristle

Boar Bristle

A natural choice that grips hair to create great tension during blowouts. The bristles help distribute your scalp's natural oils down the hair shaft for natural shine.

One to try: Dannyco San Large Paddle Brush with Boar Bristles

Still not sure which is your best match? Try this easy guide for your new brush bestie!

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