Hair How To: Braided Boho Chic Using Scrunchie Scarves

Lorie Knickle September 17, 2020

Looking for a fun new style to try? This look created by Johnny (@johnnyhairart) at Chatters Shawnessy in Calgary uses a Kenneth Bernard scrunchie/scarf combo and is super easy to do on your own! Follow along as Johnny shows you how to get this cool braided look.


Dry Shampoo
Apply Kenneth Bernard DryClean Dry Shampoo to roots to eliminate oil and add texture.
Thermal Protection Spray Kenneth Bernard Protect Thermal Protection Spray from your mid-lengths to ends before heat styling.
Vibe Flat Iron Curl the pieces around your face using the Kenneth Bernard Vibe Flat Iron.
Style Spray Lock in your look with Kenneth Bernard Style Layering Spray.
Scrunchie Scarf Section out two small sections on either side of your head above your ears, approximately 2 inches from your part line. With the scarf attached, tie a Kenneth Bernard Scrunchie around each section.
French braid each side using the scarf as one of the strands of your braid.
Pull your remaining hair into a ponytail at the base of your neck.
Finish off the look by tying the two scarf ends around the base of your ponytail.


Hair How To

Thanks for sharing this tutorial with us, Johnny! I can't wait to try this breezy boho style! Shop Kenneth Bernard to pick up the products used in this hair how-to.


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