The Best Hair Masks and Treatments For Your Hair Type

Lorie Knickle February 09, 2022

When you’re looking for a pamper sesh, a hair mask truly fits the bill. Taking the time to allow your hair to soak up all the nutritious goodness of a mask or treatment leaves tresses feeling nourished, healthy and just the right amount of hydrated. But not all hair masks are made equal. Many are targeted to work with specific hair types and concerns. So how to choose the right one for you? Find the perfect mask for your hair type in these top picks.

Curly hair:

Curly Hair Mask
Curls are usually quite porous, making them prone to frizz and dryness. Keeping them hydrated is the best way to keep them healthy and maintain elasticity. Coarser hair types can use heavier formulas, while finer curls are better off with lighter formulas that moisturize without weight.

Coarse: OUIDAD Ultra-Nourishing Intense Hydrating Mask is a creamy, combination of proteins and a rich blend of natural oils for hydrated curls.

Curly Hair Mask
Fine: Sebastian Professional Dark Oil Lightweight Mask delivers moisture without heavy creams and oils.

Lightweight hair mask

Coloured hair:

Blonde Hair Mask
Coloured hair looks amazing, but can be a little needy. Feed those needs with a repairing hair mask that helps preserve your colour. This is especially helpful when trying to extend the time between salon visits!

Tend to processed blonde hair with AG Hair's Sterling Silver Mask to cool brassy tones while repairing and restoring hair.

Purple hair mask

For other hair colours, try AG Hair’s Colour Savour Mask, which nourishes and preserves colour so you stay vibrant.

Hair Colour Mask

Damaged hair: 

Keratin Hair Msk
If your locks are dull and unmanageable with split ends and breakage your hair may be damaged. Boost your hair health with a dose of nourishment. If your hair is lacking keratin, there are masks that can infuse with the protein, to repair and replenish. But you don’t want to overdo it with keratin, so try this simple test: take a strand of hair that is attached to your scalp and wet it. Stretch the strand - if it bounces back to original length without breaking your strands are in good shape. If it doesn’t bounce back and looks limp or breaks you may need a boost.

Ones to try:

Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask contains Alpha Keratin 60ku®, a revolutionary regenerative human keratin that is identical to the keratin in your hair. It provides amazing repair to damaged hair plus a healthy dose of hydration. 

damaged hair

Try GOLDWELL Kerasilk Reconstruct Intensive Repair Mask for a blend of keratin and hyaloveil that leaves hair strong and silky.

Keratin Hair Mask

Dry hair:

Dry Hair mask
When strands are parched, they feel rough and become unmanageable. They also become prone to frizz. We can’t have that! Douse thirsty tresses in a hydrating hair mask. MOROCCANOIL® Intense Hydrating Mask does exactly that! It's an argan oil-infused deep conditioner that replenishes moisture and improves the texture of your locks. For finer dry hair, try the lighter MOROCCANOIL® Weightless Hydrating Mask.

Moisturizing Hair mask


Aging hair:

Aging Hair Mask

Mature hair can become dry and brittle, making it prone to breakage. Many people find their hair looses its lustre over time, and can become more coarse. Soften and repair with Alterna Caviar's hair care with anti-aging properties. The Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenishing Moisture Masque is packed with marine botanicals to restore moisture and elasticity.

Aging Hair mask


Thinning hair:

Thinning Hair Mask
Nioxin Deep Repair Hair Masque helps hydrate fine, thinning hair without weight to keep hair healthy and less prone to damage.

Thinning hair mask


Fine hair:

Fine Hair Mask
Fine hair can be fragile, so keeping up the elasticity, moisture and overall health is important. Fine hair tends to get weighed down easily, so I recommend lightweight moisture and nourishment. Try Wella Invigo Volume Boost Crystal Mask to boost volume with light-as-air care.

Voluminous hair mask

Dandruff and oily scalps:

Hair and Scalp Treatment
Often, oily scalps can be prone to dandruff. There are various reasons behind oily scalps and dandruff, which range from genetics, to hormones, to diet among other reasons. Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment helps soothe and refresh the scalp, while giving moisture to dry ends.

Hair and Scalp Treatment

Most directions ask that you massage the product into your hair and let it sit for 3-5 minutes to clean damp hair. I recommend saturating your hair with the mask, massaging in and then combing through with a very wide tooth comb. Then tuck your hair into a shower cap, such as this shower cap from Kenneth Bernard, and let it sit for the recommended time. Extra warmth helps the mask soak into strands and feels great too! If you apply your mask while in the shower, the warm water really helps! If you are applying out of the shower, try tucking your hair in the shower cap and then wrapping with a warm towel for extra indulgence. 

I hope your hair, scalp and spirit feels refreshed and gorgeous after your at-home hair mask!


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