Hair Extensions - How to Put In Hair Extensions

Lorie Knickle February 23, 2020

Long hair is lovely and styling it can be so much fun! The updos! The braids! The curls! The list goes on! But long hair can be hard to maintain, and for some, difficult to grow without breaking. If you’d like to try a long hair style, but don’t want to play the waiting game, try a set of extensions! They are easy to put in by yourself, or with the help of a friend. Made with real hair, Hair Affair extensions can be styled the same way you would style your natural hair, with heat, products, etc. Are you ready to change up your look? Here’s a handy guide to teach you how to put in hair extensions, or check out the video!

Start by choosing extensions in a colour that closely matches your own. The extensions Cindy uses on the model in the video are 8 piece clip in extensions in medium brown.

Lay out the hair on a work surface so it's easy to grab the sections as you work. I recommend organizing them in the order you will use them, starting with a 6-inch section, followed by the other 6-inch section, the 8-inch section, the 7-inch section and finally the 1.5-inch sections.

hair extensions before and after

Starting from the bottom and working your way up, section hair near the nape of the neck approximately 6 inches wide. 

  1. At the roots of your section, apply a bit of texturizing powder, such as Design.Me Puff.Me. 

  2. Then backcomb slightly at the root to give the clips of the hair extensions something to grip.

  3. Starting at one side of the 6-inch hair extension, attach the clips to the backcombed hair and press to hold. 

  4. Brush through to blend and detangle.

The second section should start around the middle of the ears and also be around 6 inches wide. Repeat steps 1-4, and then move on to the next section.

Section 3 should be just above the tops of the ears and approximately 9 inches wide. You’ll repeat steps 1-4, this time applying the piece that is 9 inches wide.

Section 4 should be just below the crown and is 7 inches wide. Once again, repeat steps 1-4 this time with the 7-inch wide piece. You’re almost done!

Apply the small pieces to the sides of your head framing your face. Create a diagonal section on one side of your head, repeat steps 1-4 and apply two 1.5-inch sections on an angle. Repeat on the other side of your head. 

Hair extensions
Voila! Longer hair in a snap! The extensions pictured above are 8 piece clip ins in light blonde.

The extensions can be styled with hot hair tools, washed and dried just as you would with your natural hair.

To better blend with your natural hair, the extensions can be trimmed and shaped to suit your style. Just ask your stylist!

But wait... there's more!

Want more easy ways to add oomph to your 'do? Try a Hair Affair Wrap Up! You can quickly make your bun bigger or add more dimension to an updo. Like a scrunchie made of hair, the Wrap Up is super-easy to use and comes in lots of colours to match your hue. Shop the Wrap Up and get styling!

Hair Extensions

how to put in hair extensions

Or, if a ponytail is more your go-to style, take your tail to new lengths with the Pony Up. The 18" length upgrades even the most simple ponytails and only takes a few minutes to put in. Wear smooth and sleek or curled, the Pony Up can be heat styled so you've got styling options!

If you've been tempted to cut bangs, but hesitant to commit, try clip in bangs! Perfect for giving bangs a trial run before your cut, or for switching out your look when you want an update.

If you are looking for hair extensions in Canada, you can shop Hair Affair Hair Extensions HERE!

If you are looking to have hair extensions put in by a professional hair stylist, we have hair salons in Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Mississauga, to name only a few cities we're in.  Look at our hair salon locator to find a hair extension specialist near you!


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