Hair cut and colour fixes: Working with your stylist

Lorie Knickle March 05, 2020
Have you ever had a cut or colour idea in mind that you saw and fell in love with only to try it and not quite love the results? Maybe the colour isn’t what you expected. Maybe it doesn’t quite suit your features. Or, maybe you used a box dye thinking “what’s the worst that could happen?” only to discover the worst that can happen. And it’s not pretty. And now you're probably wondering "how soon can I recolour my hair if I don't like the colour?". Don't despair, let's figure this out! First, get in touch with your stylist so you can work through the issues together. Here’s how to tell your hairstylist you don't like your colour or cut, and how to fix it. 
Color Correction Hair

First - the consultation

Back up for a moment. It’s too late now, but here are a few tips that may help next time. To help your stylist better understand your ideas, bring pictures and inspiration to give a visual of what you are thinking. Let them know what it is that you like about the pictures. And if you find yourself reaching for a box dye or a pair of scissors, back away slowly. Something to note, it is highly recommended to find a Stylist that you trust and work with consistently. If you work with the same stylist, over time they will become more familiar with your hair type, your likes, dislikes and expectations which will improve your services!

Next - after the service

Immediately following a colour service, it may take a bit of time to get used to your new look, especially if the change was dramatic. Give yourself some time with your new style, about 1 - 2 weeks. Since everyone has a unique way of styling their hair, it may take some time to figure out the best way to work with your new 'do. After you've had some time to adjust, if your style still is not what you had envisioned, bring it up with your stylist. They want to help you bring your hair goals to life, and want to help you through the process. When you describe your issues, be specific about your dissatisfaction. For example, specifics like, too dark, too bright, too light, I'd hoped for more dimension, etc. can better help your stylist pinpoint the source of your frustration and work out a solution. If you don’t care for the cut, it may be better suited to you if it was styled differently. Ask your stylist to show you a different way to style and you may find you like your new cut better! If your hair is still too long, the fix is quite simple. Your stylist can trim a bit more to better accommodate your esthetic. If the cut is shorter than you’d hoped, bring it up with your stylist. While they may not be able to increase your length, they may be able to shape it a bit differently and help you as it grows out.

When a Colour Correction is needed:

What is color correction hair service? When your hair colour has not turned out the way you imagined, or has faded to an unwanted hue, colour correction is the remedy. There are different ways to approach a colour correction, and talking with a pro is your best bet to determine what will achieve the results you want. Using a toner is a common and less invasive form of colour correction. This usually involves adding specific colours to counteract unwanted hues. They can cool too-hot tones, or warm up colours that are too icy. They can also even out colour that hasn’t been applied smoothly. If you find your hair colour is too dark or too light, additional colour may need to be added or removed, which may need to take place over several visits. The main consideration would always be the integrity of your hair, and as a result in order to minimize damage the process sometimes needs to take place slowly. So if you're wondering "how soon can I recolour my hair if I don't like the colour", consult a stylist for their opinion on the options that are best for your hair type, hair concern and ultimately the integrity of your hair.

If you are worried about how to tell your hairstylist you don't like your colour or cut, don't stress! They are your partner in reaching your goals. They will want to understand your needs and expectations so they can get you looking and feeling your best!

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