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Lorie Knickle November 27, 2020

Imagine the feeling of having your hair washed, followed by a fresh blowout at the salon. Your hair feels its best; it looks its best! Full of life and soft, fabulous bounce. Now imagine that feeling every day. And the best part? You can create it right at home! Experience at-home blowouts with Drybar and live your best hair day, every day.

Drybar is based on the simple concept of focusing on one thing and being the best at it: blowouts. To help you achieve your blowout goals, Drybar has created cruelty-free haircare and styling, plus hair tools to help you on your way.

How does one create a fabulous blowout? Let Drybar guide you through!

Start with clean hair by cleansing with shampoo followed by a conditioner fit for your hair's needs! Drybar Sake Bomb Shampoo and Conditioner provide nourishment to make hair stronger, while the Liquid Glass Shampoo and Conditioner give extra calming and smoothing love to frizzy or coarse hair. If you need a deeper clean, try On the Rocks Shampoo and Conditioner for a charcoal-infused weekly heavy clean-up. You can also use the On the Rocks Charcoal Scrub to further exfoliate your scalp and strands.

Next, prep and detangle with Prep Rally Spray for a daily dose of vitamins that detangles and protects against heat up to 450°F. Finally, apply Jump Start Serum to damp hair and brush through to calm frizz and help create a nice, shiny finish.

Then grab your Buttercup Blow-Dryer! Using the concentrator attachment, give your hair a rough blow-dry all over to start.

Now comes the fun part! Blow-dry hair in sections starting at the front, then the back, and finishing with the crown. Create tension with your brush as you blow-dry with the concentrator using that tension to really smooth as you dry.

 At-home Blowout before after

Double Duty

To create an even easier blowout at home, Drybar has combined a blow-dryer and brush for the ultimate all-in-one styling solution! The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush dries while creating the smoothing and volumizing effects normally achieved with a brush. Genius! Watch how easy it is to create a smooth, voluminous blowout!


Go Natural

Embracing natural hair texture is everything and to help you enhance that gorgeous wave or curl, there's the Bouncer! Simply attach the Bouncer to the Buttercup Blow-Dryer and scrunch damp hair from the ends up towards your scalp to blow-dry. The result? Beautiful bouncy texture that's all yours!


Smooth and Sleek

If you are looking for smooth, sleek locks, the Brush Crush and Tress Press are here for you! The Brush Crush is a heated brush that smoothes even the curliest hair in a single pass. And if you are looking for an ultra-shiny, ultra-sleek look, the Tress Press flat iron seals the cuticle for a liquid glass finish.
For the ultimate smooth look, apply Hot Toddy for heat protection. Grab the Brush Crush Heated Brush and brush through hair, holding the bottom of your locks to create tension as you brush through. Next, flat iron to create even further smoothness and shine. Spritz all over with Sparkling Soda for ultimate shine. You can also run a small amount of 100 Proof Smoothing Oil through mid-shaft to ends to finish off your glossy look.

When You Want Curls

Different irons produce different types of curls, and Drybar gives you all the options! The Mixologist iron is an interchangeable tool that gives you the ability to create three different types of curls. Oh-la-la!
Make waves like Cindy Duplantis using the Mixologist and Hot Toddy Heat Protection Mist.


Add Texture, Volume AND Refresh, All in One Shot

Triple Sec is a triple treat! And it’s so easy to use. Just spray on dry hair to create volume and texture. Lift hair lightly and spray, lift and spray, it’s that easy! Plus the oil-absorbing formula gives a nice light refreshment when your hair needs a pick-me-up. Triple Sec comes in two great scents: Blanc and Lush!


Big Volume

Southern Belle Volume-Boosting Powder gives a burst of volume when and where you need it most. Lifting at the roots, pump the fine powder mist and rub it in, roughing it up with your fingertips for volume in a flash.


Extend Your Style

Now that you have your perfect blowout and style, make it last with a robust line of dry shampoos and even dry conditioner! Detox Dry Shampoo is available in Original, Clear Invisible and Brunette. The original formula is also available in two other great scents: Lush and Coconut Colada. Which one is right for you? Check out the video and the handy chart below!  
Dry shampoo infographic


Beyond the Blowout for Blondes

Blondes need a bit more care beyond the blowout, so Drybar has created toning, brightening and strengthening products to keep blondes looking their best. The Blonde Ale collection makes maintaining blonde a breeze, with products formulated with brightening, brass-banishing properties. Featuring a purple-pigmented shampoo, conditioner and mask, plus a brightening powder, Drybar can help make your blonde shine brighter than ever before.


The blowout is a Style Happy staple! Shop Drybar for all of the amazing style solutions shown here and more! Now that you have all the tools and tricks, get ready for bigger, bouncier at-home blowouts with your Drybar essentials. Stay beautiful and style happy, friends. XO!


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