Easy High Ponytail With Volume: Get This Look

Lorie Knickle May 26, 2020

When the girl-next-door goes glam, this high ponytail with volume is a MUST! A cute everyday look, yet posh enough to rock at an event. This ponytail can go anywhere!

You'll need:

  1. A Brush

  2. Hairspray - we recommend Redken Forceful 23

  3. Bobby Pins

  4. Kenneth Bernard Traceless Hair Tie - we recommend the large-sized clear

  5. Comb for teasing

  6. Pretty clips or bobby pins to finish the look - Shop accessories

Follow along with Master Stylist Cindy Duplantis as she shows you how to create this look in her easy high ponytail with volume tutorial!

  1. First, section out your bangs, or the hair in the front of your head, and clip it aside. We’ll work on that section later.
  2. Spray your hair brush with hairspray, we recommend Redken Forceful 23.
  3. Brush your hair back and gather into a ponytail at your crown.
  4. Take 2 bobby pins and attach them to a Kenneth Bernard Traceless hair tie (we recommend the clear, our model is using the large size.) You’ll want to attach them on two sides of the hair tie.
  5. With your bobby pin/hair tie combo, tuck one bobby pin into the base of the pony and wrap the hair tie around until it’s secure. Insert the other bobby pin into the base to hold it all together.
  6. Spray the smoothed back hair with hairspray and slide the can of hairspray along to smooth any flyaways. Using the can makes a nice smooth finish without creating snags with your hands or a brush.
  7. Lightly backcomb small sections of the ponytail around the base to give lift and volume.
  8. Unclip your bang section and brush straight back toward your ponytail.
  9. Add pretty clips or bobby pins to hold your bangs in place, so your bangs cover the hair tie. 
  10. Rock your high ponytail with volume, you nailed it!


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