Kayla Sieben February 20, 2019

Truth Time: Winter is not great.

After the festivities of the holidays, we’re left trying to shed those few extra pounds, 
trying not to cry every time we look outside or at our calendars, 
trying to cut back on poor eating habits. 
All while saying: “WHYYY does my hair forsake me?!”
There’s frizz. There’s breakage. 
There’s static electricity turning everyone into Albert Einstein. 

Here’s a few tips from our stylist experts to help you curb those winter hair blues:


hair cut
Think about how much length your stylist tells you should be taken off your ends when you visit the salon. Is it usually more than you wanted? Is it WAY more than you wanted?
By getting a trim every 6-8 weeks you can help keep your locks healthier by getting rid of those dry, dead ends just a little bit at a time.


dry shampoo
Washing your hair everyday can strip your strands of moisture, making it more brittle and susceptible to breakage and split ends. Skip the suds and reach for a dry shampoo instead. I recommend the My Amazing Hair Extend It Dry Shampoo.
Just spray at your roots, work it through with your fingertips, and brush it out.



hair brushYou can cause a lot of damage to your hair by forcing a regular comb or paddle brush through it while it’s wet and tangled. Wet Brush products are specifically designed to help lessen the tension on wet hair, while also adding smoothness and shine during the drying process. It also helps with static electricity.


hair spray
Invest in some good quality hair care products – from shampoo and conditioner to finishing sprays, what you use on your hair matters! Cheap drugstore products can leave waxy residues on your strands that are hard to wash out. They cause build up and over time will result in breakage. At Chatters we have the largest selection of professional hair care products available in Canada. Take advantage of our repertoire and take home a deep conditioning mask or oil to help get you through the winter months. Here are a few of our faves, along with some tips and tricks for how to use them:

hair mask
Joico K-PAK Color Therapy Luster Lock Instant Shine & Repair Treatment: Long name, HUGE results! This one is my personal favorite. It is perfect for everyone, from fine to thick strands, blondes to brunettes to vibrant redheads. Ideal for those with bold coloured hair, this will revive your hue and repair breakage and split ends. And you only need to leave it on for 5 minutes!
Apply to damp, clean hair from mid strand to your ends (avoid your scalp area) and rinse out. No need to follow with conditioner.


hair oil for dry hair

Redken All Soft Argan-6 Oil: If your hair is constantly up in a top knot, ponytail, or braids throughout the winter, then this oil is for you. It’s packed full of nutrients including omega-6 to eliminate frizzy hair and provide lasting softness.
Apply to damp or dry strands before styling to reduce breakage. This can also be used as an overnight deep conditioning treatment – just apply a liberal amount to damp hair, throw on a shower cap, and wash it out in the morning!


curly hair mask

DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Mask: We see you curly girls (and guys!) fighting with Mother Nature all through the winter. You often need more moisture to alleviate those frizzy, unkempt curls. This DevaCurl mask is one of our top sellers in our “Curls & Coils” section, and for good reason!
It has Matcha Butter (retains moisture + seals the outer cuticle to lock in hydration), Beet Root Extract (improves elasticity of curls + protects colour), and Sweet Almond Oil (vitamins + Omega Fatty Acids = nourish hair from the inside out).
To use this mask, apply to damp, clean hair one section at a time. Comb through to make sure you covered every strand! Let sit for 3 minutes up to overnight if you’re in need of deep hydration. Rinse and style as usual for plump, beautiful curls!



Traditional hair elastics can be hell on our hair. The skinny bands are very restricting and cause hair to break, especially during the winter months when the weather isn’t doing us any favours. Instead, reach for a Kenneth Bernard Traceless Tie, or one of our new Scrunchies! They are much more comfortable while you’re wearing them, and way easier to get out of your hair, too! Not to mention the Scrunchies are super cute and very on trend.


Let's face it - winter sucks. But our hair doesn't have to.

By following any or all of these tips, you can waltz into spring with beautiful, healthy hair! Whether our winter is short, or very, very long, you can stay #stylehappy all year long!


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Taylor September 18, 2019

Moisture mask faves for me are from moroccanoil or pureology, too.

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