Curl Definition By Crunching & Scrunching

Lorie Knickle June 02, 2021
Crunchy curls: sound like a big NO way? After you try this amazing trick you’ll be saying “Yes, please!” to added crunch. Anyone who has gone overboard with product knows the feeling: stiff, hard and rigid. Curl Expert Angie Hunt is here to talk about how crunch can work in your favour and actually give you the softest, defined curls 

curly hairstyle

Angie's client showing her stunningly soft bouncy curls.

Let’s start with the burning question “Why would I want crunch in my curls?Angie has this advice: “If you set your curls, they will have a better retention to hold in place.Getting the curls nice and crunchy sets them in sort of a cast, so as they dry, they hold their shape and frizz stays locked out. And don't worry, once curls have dried you can “scrunch out the crunch.” Curls will be left nice and soft with no crunch in sight, and frizz will be long gone as well.  

Curly hair tutorial

Here’s how to get them nice and crunchy!  

The trick is to apply enough product for consistency on soaked hair, when frizz is not visible.” says Angie “I like to distribute gel with a Wet Brush and apply it just before getting out of the shower. Try sandwiching a section of your hair between your flattened palms and run from root to tip. After distributing product throughout, scrunch excess product and water out using a microfibre towel or old cotton t-shirt.”    

Midway through drying, whether it is air dry or diffused, I love to apply a curls-approved hairspray, like DevaCurl Flexible Hold Hairspray, to get more 'crunch.' That's right; spray your wet curls for even more hold and more crunch.   

When hair is 100% dry they will look stiff and defined. This is the time to get in there and scrunch away. Curls are intact and you're able to touch to create volume, without generating a lot of frizz.

Curly hair tutorial

Keep scrunching and you’ll be left with curls that hold their shape nicely, but are no longer crunchy. They'll be nice and soft without frizz.

Thank you Angie for sharing how to Scrunch Out The Crunch for soft, defined curls! 

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Meet the curl expert! 

Angie Hunt, Elite Stylist  
Texture Specialist, Deva Dry Cuts 
Chatters Empress, Winnipeg  

Elite Hair Stylist


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