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Lorie Knickle April 16, 2020

Where can you go to get thousands of salon-quality, professional styling and hair care products, hair tools and accessories? At chatters.ca you can choose from loads of products from top brands, all directly from the distributor with no knock-offs or poor quality alternatives. And they are available at unbeatable prices! We are open 24/7 online and deliver across Canada. As a Canada beauty supply staple, we are happy to be able to provide you with the products you need to get you looking and feeling #stylehappy.

Canada Beauty Supply

If you need day-to-day hair care, choose shampoo, conditioner and hair masks that target your specific hair type. Whether you have dry, damaged, fine, oily, maturing, or thinning hair there is a match for you!

Masks and Treatments Canada When you feel like giving your hair some TLC there are many ways to show your tresses some love. Shop from hair oils, treatments, leave-ins and more that all aim to replenish and nurture stressed out strands.
Canada Online Beauty Products

A big concern right now, is hair colour. Oh the roots. The fade. I know, this is rough. But power through, you’ve got this! There are temporary hair colour products that can help you get through it. While it’s not the same as getting a fresh colour at the salon, these temporary fixes have great results! Root concealers touch up root regrowth, semi-permanent colours can add or refresh tired colour, while colour-depositing shampoos, conditioners and masks keep colour vibrant, and can add colour to light hair.

Styling Products Canada

Get styling with a huge selection of hairsprays, mousses, gels, texturizers, pomades and more! Styling products can really help keep your hair in line, especially if it is starting to grow out and reach that slightly unruly stage.

Nose Hair Trimmers Canada

Speaking of unruly hair, guys if it’s time to tidy up then it’s time to shop professional clippers and trimmers! There is a grooming tool for every need, from hair clippers to nose hair trimmers, you’ll be clean cut in no time!

Hair Tools Online Canada

It’s a good time to try a new hair tool, and there’s many to choose from! There are well-known tools such as blow dryers, curling wands and flat irons, and there are also fun new tools to try like thermal brushes and specialty irons. Don’t forget the thermal spray to protect your hair while you style!

Dry Shampoo Canada If you are looking for the top self-isolation must-have it’s got to be dry shampoo. This will be your new bff to refresh your hair between shampoos. Plus it adds texture and volume – win win!


There are also many other Canada Beauty Supply essentials available to order online. Load up on everything you need for self-care: body lotion, moisturizing hand sanitizer, brushes, combs, nail polish, waxing, mink lashes and more! 

The list goes on, let’s go discover your new beauty supply must-haves now!



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