2019 Hair Trends from Redken Fusion

Kassidy Goodall February 07, 2019


2019 is in full swing and since it's February we are finally starting to get on the right track for reaching our goals this year....hair goals that is! We wanted to know all about the latest hair trends for 2019 so we sent one of our Elite Stylists, Cia @scissorcia, who works at Chatters in St. Albert, to visit Redken Fusion in Vegas - one of the biggest hair shows of the year! She's got the low down for all you style happy peeps about the newest techniques, trends, and hair cutting styles this year! 


Hair Trends 2019


Redken Symposium 2019

My trip to Las Vegas with the Chatters Family was one of the best trips I have ever been on! The Redken Symposium 2019 was by far the largest hair show and educational event I have ever had the pleasure of attending.


Redken hair symposium
Other than the treat of having a little spring time weather in January, and being in Vegas for the first time, this experience was like no other. A grand opening show filled with the best artists from Redken, performers, singers, dancers, and high fashion struts completely blew me away.


Hair Trends 2019


They hosted a Monday Night Bash, where the secret headliner musical act was kept a surprise until the last moment. En vogue performed for us, bringing me back to my 90's self, where we sang and danced along! Everyone dressed up as their alter ego selves, there were so many wild and creative looks around every corner.


Hair Trends 2019
I loved being able to spend so many nights surrounded with the Chatters' Family and Friends, eating the best foods and discussing all the new information, styles, looks and tips learnt from the intense gold mine of education lined up for us.


Hair Trends 2019
Our teachers were big names like Kris Sorbie, Tracey Cunningham, Michael Cole, Sam Villa, Coach Chris Baran and SO many more of our favourite Redken Artists from around the globe.


Hair Trends 2019


Kel Scott, Tara G, and Gian Maria taught us all about upcoming cut and colour trends. We're seeing lots of fun fashion colours with pinks, greens, and coppers.


Hair Trends 2019


There was a ton of texture on stage! Lots of looks combining different textured looks for some cool contrast. Roger Molina, Marco M, and Lori Zabel taught us all about styling with both smooth and more roughed up texture! 


Hair Trends 2019


We also learned a ton about growing our business behind the chair. Redken artist Kris Sorbie, Katherine Allard, and Adam Brown chatted about staying motivated and inspired to keep our education growing. They also touched on team building and evolving with the people you work with.


Hair Trends 2019


We also talked about client relationships with Chris Baran and Chris Moody and ways we can relate more to our guests. 


Hair Trends 2019


Some more hair trends we're seeing this year include lots of blunt micro bangs, shags with a modern twist, unique braids with added accessories, and like I said before - TONS OF FUNKY COLOUR! 

The Experience

Hair Trends 2019
Never have I ever dreamed of being a part of this Educational event and words can't describe how lucky I feel to be able to attend! I am now obsessed with these amazing events and I won't miss out on any in the future. There is always so much to learn and so much fun to be had in education. I live to learn better, earn better, live BEST!


Hair Trends 2019


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Kelsey September 18, 2019

loving the braid trends! Are you going to put any tutorials up of the style?

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